Start out slow to begin zen yoga.

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Zen yoga was produced by Aaron Hoopes and is a blending of tai chi, qigong, Shanti yoga and meditation carried out to develop the physical and mental health of the body in a holistic system. Some of the objectives of zen yoga include tension relief, weight loss, health maintenance and enhanced metabolism. The poses practiced in zen yoga stretch the back and lengthen the spinal column through extending and breathing workouts.

Step 1

Begin with the ‘A’ stretch. This involves standing with legs shoulder-width apart and thumbs secured behind you. Lean forward as far as you’re comfy with, breathing gradually and deeply.

Step 2

Peform the ‘B’ stretch. This includes sitting on your heels and afterwards sitting down on the ground in between them, leaning back as far as you can. This position is typically uncomfortable initially.

Step 3

Move to the ‘C’ stretch next. Begin in a sitting position with the soles of the feet touching in front of you. You’ll get your toes with your hands with elbows out and lean forward as far as you’re comfy.

Step 4

Perform the ‘D’ stretch in a seated position with your legs straight in front of you. Lean forward and grab the soles of the feet, if you can.

Step 5

Sit cross-legged to start stretch ‘E.’ Cross your arms in the exact same direction as your legs and lean forward, grabbing your knees.

Step 6

Spread your legs as far apart as you can to start stretch ‘F.’ With your palms dealing with out, clasp your hands together over your head and bend to one side as far as you’re able. Repeat on the opposite side.