Triangle sit-ups are an intense exercise for strengthening the abs, core muscles and buttocks.

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Sit-ups help you reinforce core muscles and burn calories. Triangle sit-ups take the exercise to an additional level. Triangular sit-ups– or V-ups– are harder due to the fact that they work the upper and lower abdominal muscles at the same time. The legs are kept straight and brought off the ground, and the hands connect and touch the feet as the body forms a triangle shape. As you acquire experience and strength, triangle sit-ups effectively enhance your abs, core and butts.

Getting Started

Before starting triangle sit-ups, get involved in the exact same starting position as you’d for regular sit-ups or crunches. Lie flat on your back and keep your legs straight and close together, with your toes pointing toward the ceiling. For triangle sit-ups, your arms extend back and extend over your head while your palms deal with the ceiling.

Form the Triangle

Executing a triangle sit-up requires the arms and legs to simultaneously raise off the ground and come together. The upper and lower abdominal muscles flex as the arms are raised and moved over the head toward the belly. At the exact same time, the legs lift off the floor and are pulled toward the belly, with the toes staying pointed up. Keep the legs as straight as possible and hold the tummy in to obtain the optimum advantage. Exhale as you touch your toes with your fingers to form the triangle shape. Take a deep breath while returning to the starting position.

For Beginners

Triangle sit-ups are difficult to carry out when you’re simply beginning to exercise. Novices can place one foot flat on the floor for a simpler variation. The various other leg is extended straight, with the toes dealing with upward. With your arms stretched out over your head, bring them off the floor while pulling your upper body up. Bring the straightened upper hand in the air at the same time and touch the toes with your hand. Leaving the various other leg bent with the foot flat on the floor makes it simpler to locate off the ground and carry out the sit-up.

Hands Off

You can work the core muscles without using your hands. In this variation of a triangle sit-up, keep your legs together and as straight as possible. From the sitting position on the floor, place your palms down on the ground and pull the legs back towards your body to work the abs, core and buttocks. You can likewise cross your arms at chest level and push your upper body forward while bringing the legs back to make the triangle shape.