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Qigong reflection originated in China as a means of self-healing. A practice that joins motion and reflection, qigong uses visualizations to cultivate well being. Qi, pronounced ‘chee,’ is thought to be the fundamental energy within the body. Qigong is made use of to stabilize, sustain and balance this energy. Qigong mediation works out use breathing to enhance leisure and guided imagery to help purify the body and remove ailment. Dr. Kevin Chen of the University of Maryland states that the rainbow and little universe reflections are made use of for significant illnesses such as AIDS and cancer.

Progressive relaxation

Qigong meditations intend to incorporate the body, mind and spirit. To start each meditation, a duration of integration happens first. This is also the progressive relaxation strategy. Three adjustments are made when sitting for the reflection. Initially, adjust your body by sitting straight, then adjust your breath by taking sluggish, deep, even abdominal breaths, and lastly, adjust your mindset by clearing your mind of thoughts and letting your awareness rest in the lower abdominal area. Sit for a few minutes in this unwinded and peaceful state. This progressive relaxation concentrates primarily on resting your attention on the breathing in the lower abdominal location referred to as lower Dantien.

Rainbow Meditation

The rainbow reflection utilizes the recovery power of color to cleanse a body. Once you’ve actually progressively unwinded with a breathing reflection, you can envision the sight of a remote rainbow. As soon as you invest a moment gazing at the rainbow, you envision that it turns toward you. It comes closer to you until it rests above your head. The energy and colors of the rainbow start to enter your body. The colors and energy development down with your body to the earth and take a trip up once more to your crown. You feel the light and healing of the rainbow and let it slowly fill your body. You can contemplate this as long as you such as.

Small Universe Meditation

While completely relaxed, envision energy traveling up from your feet to legs, hips and gradually higher in your body. Picture and notice that energy is recharging your body and filling every organ and cell. You can even call the parts of the body being filled by this energy. When this energy reaches the top of your head, envision that it in fact spills out of the crown of your head like a waterfall and afterwards re-enters with the crown of your head. This is to be duplicated by thinking of heaven entering through the crown of your head and progressing downward. Eventually, you envision both heaven and earth, yin and yang energies traveling through you at the exact same time. You can spend approximately 15 minutes permitting this visualization to take place.