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Kundalini yoga makes use of specific mixes of breathing methods, yoga presents, meditation and chanting to produce a profound spiritual awakening. Writer and yogi Gopi Krishna highlights the value of raising awareness with Kundalini for the sake of human evolution, yet confesses that ‘the nature of the mysterious force has actually not been defined or clarified in a rational method.’ Skeptic or not, Kundanlini professionals like Gopi, Yogi Bhajan and Swami Satyananda Saraswati all encourage yogis and spiritual candidates to learn Kundalini techniques from a skilled instructor.

Short-Term Physical Effects

The physical impact of Kundalini is commonly the most dramatic. The process of raising Kundalini (exactly what yogis often refer to as awakening the serpent of knowledge) can cause shaking, prickling, itching and sweating. Swami Satyananda mentions in his book ‘Kundalini Tantra’ that awakening Kundalini can seem like explosions or electrical shocks moving through the body. Yearnings for sex, food and sleep might heighten or decrease. Headaches and sleeping disorders are possible too.

Long-Term Physical Effects

The long-lasting effects of practicing Kundalini resemble those which other kinds of yoga produce, including enhanced balance, versatility, strength and a general sense of well-being. Kundalini is distinct because the combinations of yoga methods, practiced repetitively over a duration of years, particularly work to open seven energy centers in the body, which are approximately found along the spine (chakras). The opened or cleared chakras let energy travel approximately the crown of the head, then pull back the spine to the base chakra. This is the minute of Kundalini awakening.

Mental Impact

Outside of the short-term physical effects of Kundalini, nothing produces more wonder and interest than the reported mental results. Along the path of raising Kundalini, yogis like Swami Saraswati disclose that some individuals might experience psychological clearness to the extent of supernatural capability. Likewise, without the assistance of trained Kundalini trainers, an individual can experience confusion, depression, hallucinations and other undesirable psychological disruptions. Saraswati emphasizes that dramatic mental experiences can be of a positive or negative nature relying on an individual’s adherence and patience to his Kundalini trainer’s teachings.

Spiritual Impact

The 3HO Foundation, led by Yogi Bhajan, explains their Kundanlini teaching as the path to unleash a yogi’s supreme potential, to experience the soul’s appeal and to get vitality through yoga poses and breath work. With the practice of Kundalini, participants seek to reach Samadhi, the god within, or exactly what many call Nirvana. Raising Kundalini is a long process that culminates in a remarkable awakening occasion, which is supposed to enable the greatest connection to the divine to occur.

Unleashing Potential

Yogi authors of Kundalini’s effect, particularly those in the 20th century, aim to bring awareness of Kundalini and its possible influence on mankind to the masses. The mix of psychological, spiritual and both short- and long-lasting physical effects of Kundalini awakening on mass quantities of individuals could represent more consistency worldwide overall. Yogi Bhajan believes that exposing people to Kundalini belongs to ushering in the astrological Age of Aquarius.