How to Do Handstand Pirouettes

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Once you master the handstand on the unequal bars, adding extra skills increases your ability level as well as your rating at competitors if your perform those skills well. Greater skill levels need harder skills, the handstand pirouette on benches is one such ability. The handstand pirouette needs a bit more upper-body strength and balance than a handstand on the uneven bars. Master the handstand pirouette on a floor bar prior to moving to the device.

Step 1

Move into the handstand position on the bar with a kip or cast. Push into the handstand, keeping your arms alongside your ears, head down and your body fully extended.

Step 2

Transfer your weight to your anchor arm. Keep the anchor arm directly and push your body tall and straight, nearly as if your toes connect to the ceiling with a thread.

Step 3

Release your hand from the bar and rotate your body, crossing your release delegate your anchor arm, then grip the bar with your launch arm. Keep your body extended with your toes pointed. Work to keep your toes in the exact same spot, still picturing the thread. Keep your anchor arm locked.

Step 4

Finish the half-pirouette in a cross arm grip. Full a complete handstand pirouette by shifting your weight when again and turning your body as soon as again till you reach your starting position.

Step 5

Extend your shoulders, keep your arms locked and finish the pirouette by holding the handstand position for one to two seconds before moving into the next stunt.