How to Do a Full Split Without Hurting Yourself

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You do the splits by extending one leg forward, while extending the various other leg backward and decreasing your pelvis to the flooring. The splits need versatility in the quads and hamstrings in addition to the hip flexors and buttocks. If you’ve concerns with adaptability, you couldn’t be able to do splits from a standing position, or have the ability to touch the pelvis to the floor without harming yourself. You can still do a full split by beginning on the floor and making use of props to help your body ease into the position.

Step 1

Kneel on the floor with your butts on your heels. This will be the beginning position for your box split.

Step 2

Lean to the left and pull your right foot forward. Rest your right shin on the floor with your heel in front of your left knee and your right knee indicating the right. Relax into this position for 10 seconds. You must feel a slight stretch on the exterior of your right leg.

Step 3

Lean forward and put your hands on the floor for support, if essential. Extend your left leg behind you till your leg is straight and the top of your foot rests on the flooring. Keep your right leg bent. Unwind into this position for 10 seconds. You should feel a stretch on the exterior of your right leg and along the front of your left thigh and hip. Put a yoga block or large book under your right hip, if needed, to support your body weight.

Step 4

Extend your right foot forward till your right leg is straight and your right heel rests on the flooring. If needed, put a couple of yoga exercise blocks, or books, under your right hip to support your weight. Unwind into this position for 10 seconds. You must feel a stretch along the back of your right thigh and butt and the front of your left leg and hip.

Step 5

Remove one block to get closer to the flooring, if your adaptability will enable. If not, stay in the high split. Gradually, your muscles and tendons will become more pliable and you’ll be able to get rid of the supports.

Step 6

Bend your right leg, lean on your right hip and swing your left leg forward to come out of the split. Shake your legs, then rest in a comfortable seated position for 30 seconds. Repeat the split with the contrary leg.