It's easy to hyperextend your elbows in weight bearing poses.

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According to, elbow hyperextension happens when the elbow bends further in the wrong instructions then it should. You could also hear hyperextended joints described as ‘locked’ joints by your yoga teacher. Elbow hyperextension takes place in yoga in weight bearing arm positions, such as downward facing pet dog, upward facing canine, side-plank position and others. Hyperextending your elbows can cause injuries in the wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder and might harm the postural integrity of the posture. The actions for remedying a hyperextended elbow are easy, but developing awareness in every posture to observe when you’re hyperextending might be harder.

Step 1

Press your palms into the floor firmly and disperse the weight evenly on all four edges of your hand.

Step 2

Spread all of your fingers far from each various other and claw the finger pads into the floor.

Step 3

Look at the creases at the top of your wrist while you’re in the position. The creases ought to be parallel to one another. When you hyperextend your elbow, the elbow has the tendency to roll toward the front, which triggers the wrist creases to bunch up on the inside corner of the wrist. Get involved in the practice of inspecting your wrist creases in all weight bearing arm presents to see if you’re hyperextending.

Step 4

Bend your elbows somewhat. In yoga this called ‘microbending,’ meanings that your elbow is bent just a little to bring it in line with your wrist and shoulder.

Step 5

Cultivate awareness in all of your presents. In every yoga present, pay attention to your joint placement and examine whether it feels like you’re using your muscular strength or if you’re depending on locked joints.