How to Change Yoga Mats

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While yoga offers tension relief, decreases muscle tension and makes you stronger and even more pliable, the mat you are making use of mightn’t be healthy for you or the environment. Traditional yoga mats manufactured from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, consist of dioxins and could consist of phthalates, likewise referred to as plasticizers, which have actually been associateded with hormonal disruption in lab researches. According to Customer Reports in a 2008 internet post, yoga mats haven’t been checked yet, however exposure is expected to be restricted. Nonetheless, you also have to consider the ecological effect of sending your yoga mat to the garbage dump, where dioxins in PVC mats are left to leak into the dirt. As an outcome, changing your yoga mat is a bit more challenging than you may expect.

Step 1

Evaluate the kinds of yoga mats on the marketplace. Consumer Reports states that you’ve several choices when buying an environmentally friendly mat, including mats made from natural rubber or plant fiber, such as cotton, hemp and jute. You might also consider yoga mats made from alternative plastics, such as thermoplastic elastomers or polymer environmental resin, the latter of which could consist of PVC. The natural rubber mats consists of latex, which may be a concern for yogis with latex allergic reactions. Similar mats made from synthetic rubber are also available.

Step 2

Visit a fitness shop to obtain a better sense of which type of mat is right for you. The brand-new generation of yoga mats smell and feel in a different way from conventional sticky mats. Natural rubber mats often have a sturdy odor and are heavier than sticky mats. Other aspects to consider include the thickness and length of the mat, in addition to the surface of the mat, considering that some offer much better traction than others. When you find and buy your perfect mat, you must find the right home for your old mat.

Step 3

Send your old mat to a yoga mat reusing program, such as These programs help keep yoga mats from landfills. Your mat may wind up being utilized in various other items or contributed to community yoga programs. As an alternative to donating your mat, you can discover various other uses for it at home, such as putting it under a rug to prevent slipping or utilizing it in place of a beach towel, for example.