How to Break in a Yoga Mat

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Buying a brand-new yoga mat can rejuvenate your practice or get you begun on the right foot if you’re new to yoga exercise. Nevertheless, numerous brand-new mats are slippery and stiff in the beginning, and the side that you stand on requires breaking in, which can assist you remain stable during standing or stabilizing positions. Putting in the time to wear your mat down a bit can make your practice more steady and more enjoyable.

Step 1

Notice the type of material that your mat is made from to identify the amount of it should be broken in. Mats made from vinyl or PVC may should be damaged a bit more than those made of natural fibers, such as cotton, jute or recycled rubber.

Step 2

Wipe your mat down with a wet rag. Lay your mat out on the floor and make use of a clean towel or cloth that’s actually been run under warm water to wipe down the side of the mat that you base on. Enable it to air dry. Repeat numerous times if needed.

Step 3

Avoid using cleaning products on your mat that are too soapy or you’ll enhance the slippery finish on the mat rather than minimize it.

Step 4

Practice yoga on your mat in order to break it in, though the surface won’t be perfect at first, using your mat will assist the covering and surface area to wear down, which allows it to become less slippery and more stable.