How Quickly Does Bikram Yoga Work?

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Bikram yoga is a substyle of hatha yoga developed and certified by Bikram Choudhury. It consists of 26 poses made to establish strength and flexibility while being carried out in a room heated up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Like other forms of yoga, it likewise has a meditative facet that can ease anxiety. How rapidly you’ll see the various results of Bikram yoga depends on which perk you are most concerned with.

Stress Relief

The combination of challenging workout, stretching and breathing reflection in Bikram yoga create one benefit of the workout that you can feel during the exercise session and for hours afterward. A report on anxiety states that stress decrease is accompanied by physiological modifications including regulated heart beat, controlled breathing, decrease of stress and anxiety and reduction of stress hormones like adrenalin. These replaces occur as an immediate feedback to light to moderate exercise, including Bikram yoga.

Weight Loss

You’re likely to come out of a Bikram yoga session a pound or more lighter than you went in. Nonetheless, this is water weight loss that’ll go right back on as soon as you rehydrate yourself. Bikram yoga does burn calories, nonetheless: approximately 750 per 90-minute session depending on your weight and intensity of practice. Since 1 pound stands for about 3,500 calories, you might lose a pound from Bikram yoga after about five sessions.


When you extend muscles, as in numerous of the 26 positions of Bikram yoga, those muscles gain a fractional quantity of higher flexibility and array of movement. If you extend frequently enough, this can enhance your versatility. According to Bruce Lee in ‘The Art of Expressing the Body,’ versatility is among the slowest physical credit to enhance. Anticipate to practice for a lot of months to see meaningful improvement in your versatility.


The poses of Bikram yoga– and most people kinds of yoga– use your body weight to give your muscles a resistance exercise. You may see obvious gains in your strength in a matter of weeks with regular Bikram yoga practice. Nevertheless, Stuart McRobert warns in ‘Brawn’ that strength gains commonly work in a ‘step pattern.’ This means you could experience a plateau where you make no new gains for numerous weeks, then acquire strength once again for a number of more.

Common Sense Approach

In order to see outcomes, go to regular Bikram yoga sessions. If you just go a few times each month, you’ll experience sluggish gains, or no gains at all. Similar to other exercise program, you ought to consult your doctor before handling a Bikram yoga regimen.