How Long Should a Yoga Mat Be?

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The perfect length of your yoga exercise mat should allow you to easily do many sorts of yoga exercise asanas, or postures, so that you remain on your mat. Lots of yoga studios and fitness centers have wood floorings, however practicing straight on a wood floor is challenging when doing positions on your knees. The function of yoga mat is to allow you to exercise so that you’re constantly on a padded area where you can not move or lose your balance.

It Depends on Your Height

If you buy your yoga mat at a studio, ask if you can ‘test drive’ different types of mat to see exactly what’s the very best length and kind for you. A great way to evaluate suitable length is to present the mat and do the yoga exercise position, downward facing dog, or Adho Muhka Svanasana. Put your palms on the mat, and while keeping your arms straight, step your feet back till your legs are also extended directly. Ideally, you should contend least 4 inches as a margin at the top of your mat and the exact same behind your feet and to your sides. That might mean your mat is 55 inches long. If you’re over six feet tall, you’ll need a longer mat to accommodate your arms and legs.

Use a Longer & Padded Mat for Ashtanga

There are a number of kinds of yoga exercise and while virtually all of them share many of the traditional yoga exercise postures, the means they’re practiced is different. This can be an element when picking the length and kind of yoga exercise mat. For instance, in Ashtanga yoga, you hop your feet back and land on your toes when doing throughout ‘jump backs.’ Throughout various other postures, you might be stooping on your knees or actually rolling on your back in a variation of a fully covered lotus. You’ll wish to utilize a very thick padded mat that’ll give you a minimum of 4 inches of margin on all sides. One online yoga company sells a mat that’s made from open cell, natural rubber. It offers outstanding traction, even when wet from perspiration. Thicker, denser and harder than standard mats.’ It offers a ‘standard size’ at 68 inches by 24 inches and a long mat at 74 inches by 24 inches.

Use a Real Sheepskin for Kundalini Yoga

In a Kundalini yoga course as instructed by Yogi Bhajan, yoga exercise practice is done on a real sheepskin. This is since the kriyas, breathing and positions, aren’t athletic as those found in Ashtanga, however involves doing different kinds of seated poses and extended pranayama, or breath work. In this case, you’d choose a sheepskin that’s actually been ready specifically for Kundalini yoga exercise. It’s thick, cushioned and transportable. These are typically sold in Kundalini yoga exercise studios or online with specialized outlets. According to Golden Bridge Yoga Studio in Hollywood, Calif., a sheepskin rug is used for practice because, ‘A sheepskin or other natural fiber such as wool,
cotton or silk offers an electro-magnetic insulation from the ground.’

Travel Mats Can Be Light & Long

Travel size yoga mats might be thinner and lighter so they’re simpler to continue a plane or on a bike, however they ought to still be long enough for you to easily extend your arms and legs. That length will rely on your height. A lady who’s five-feet tall might do well with a mat that’s 60 inches long. A guy who’s 6′ 2′ will require a mat that’s much longer. Some yoga studios sell yoga exercise mats by cutting them from one lengthy roll, so it’s possible to purchase longer mats or even shorter ones than the ones you discover pre-packaged. And an additional online yoga shop sells an added long mat that’s 80 inches by 24 inches.