Hot Yoga and Sore Shoulders

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Hot yoga is an umbrella term for any design of yoga practiced in a heated environment. The yoga poses and sequences as well as the period of the course can vary greatly. According to the website Hot Yoga, the space temperature level is generally about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the policies of the studio. Yoga can help you reinforce your shoulders and delicately extend them to preserve movement and minimize the danger of more injury, nevertheless, depending on the cause of your shoulder soreness, hot yoga could do more damage than excellent.

Composition of the Shoulder

The major joint in the shoulder is formed by the arm bone and the shoulder blade. The joint outlet is shallow, permitting a wide array of movement in the arm. The rotator cuff is made up of four muscles that border the arm bone. The cuff keeps the arm stable when it moves.

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Soreness in the rotator cuff ligament is commonly the root cause in shoulder discomfort. You can harm your rotator cuff during any activity where you lift your arm, consisting of painting, playing specific sports, and raising items– even if they are not that heavy. The muscle that rests on top of the shoulder, called the supraspinatus, has a ligament which takes a trip underneath the shoulder. This tendon is often hurt due to the fact that of where it rests in between the bones. When the tendon becomes irritated, it can become squeezed between the bones, which causes discomfort.


There are numerous postures that assistance reinforce and extend the shoulder, including cow-faced pose, eagle arms, and archer arms. Unless your shoulder pain is severe, you must’ve the ability to visit almost any yoga class to aid with your shoulder recovery, depending on exactly what level of yoga you’re made use of to exercising. Nonetheless, if you’re going to practice yoga with a shoulder injury, you should be willing to make modifications to the poses: Practice postures that put weight on your shoulder carefully or on your knees to reduce a few of the weight, extend your shoulders carefully and gently. It’s very important to stretch the shoulder when recuperating from an injury, otherwise, it can advance into a far more major state, called frozen shoulder syndrome.


Ayurveda is a system of medicine founded thousands of years ago in India and is still practiced worldwide today. In India, yoga and ayurveda are inseparable, and specific guideline on how to handle a sore shoulder are provided. According to ayurveda, exercising yoga in an artificially heated environment can increase the swelling of the tendon in the shoulder, making it more painful. You ought to rest and routinely use sesame oil to the affected location. If your sore shoulder needs to advance to a frozen shoulder, called ‘apabahukam’ in ayurveda– a vata disease characterized by acute pain, loss of motion, and stiffness in the shoulder– you might need even more severe treatment, called a ‘Panchakarma.’ Prior to exercising yoga or applying any sort of treatment to your shoulder, please consult your primary physician.