Home Yoga Teacher Training

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Home yoga teacher training can be a flexible and effective option for yoga teachers aiming to broaden their knowledge base or for existing pupils who’re looking to grow their house yoga practice. House yoga educator training programs are self-guided programs that make use of video classes, social networking, online discussion online forums and remote screening. House study couldn’t be an option for every yoga practitioner– however for the committed, self-motivate student, home research is a cost-effective and versatile education choice.

Who Must Think about House Training

Both teachers and non-teachers can participate in home yoga training. Educators can use a home instructor training program to grow their existing competence and company capacity. Non-teachers taking part in a house program can deepen their individual practice and grow their yoga knowledge. For instructors registered through the international accreditation body, Yoga Partnership, house research can satisfy the recurring continuing education requirement and contribute toward the attainment of the 500-hour skilled yoga educator condition.

Course Content

The educational program of home yoga teacher training programs varies, relying on topic, educator competence and course length. Lots of programs broaden on the standard foundation of yoga into specialty areas like pre- and postnatal yoga, yoga philosophy, kids’s yoga and yoga for pain in the back. Effective home educator training programs utilize modern technology to assist in interactive learning and to guarantee a strong relationship in between pupil and teacher. Regular interaction between pupil and teacher happens via e-mail, social networking and telephone. Some training programs, like Core Strength Vinyasa, also need students to send sample teaching videos for review.


Home yoga teacher training can be an improving, cost-effective and flexible academic experience. Most lectures and course discussions occur online and can be accessed at anytime for reference. House training is also more cost-effective than on-site training since there are no travel expenses, enabling specialists to study with well-respected instructors from worldwide, all while at home. House yoga teacher training programs take a longer time for goals to be met, but they provide flexibility in when and how course work is performed.


Yoga requires a thorough understanding of anatomy and postural positioning, which is best learned in a hands-on environment. Due to the fact that of this, home study programs are most suitable for the devoted yoga professional with a sturdy foundation in standard yoga concepts. Similar to any yoga instructor training program, house study programs are a financial investment, since 2011, the majority of courses begin at $100. Home research programs likewise require pupils be self-motivated and disciplined. Prior to investing in a course, potential students ought to inquire about Yoga Partnership continuing education credits, past pupil suggestions and anticipated time dedication.