My other half’s shoulder started injuring him a few months ago. In the beginning it would come and go. Then it started aching and burning during the night, a lot that he couldn’t rest on his side. I recommended lots of workouts to help enhance his shoulder (which, to my dismay, he didn’t practice), and he regularly utilized his Yoga Tune Up Balls for self-massage, but he was still in discomfort.

His carry pain affected me too, as he tossed and turned at night, disturbing my sleep. His pain modified our nightly sleep routine, he’d lost the capability to lie facing me, holding my hand and quietly talking with me till we drifted into sleep. Periodically, he’d take an over-the-counter painkiller, however they did not supply a cure– they just offered him a temporary “respite.” I urged him to see one of my preferred LA-based physical therapists, and finally he relented.

The movement Rx

Dr. Dawn at Kinesis saw the concern promptly: My spouse had excessively weak external rotators (the muscles that support your shoulders by keeping them “down and back,” avoiding your shoulder bones from hunching up to your ears and rolling forward towards your computer system keyboard). He likewise had incredibly tight internal rotators (the muscles that help you to hold your arms on your computer system mouse and on your keyboard for hours on end). He’d a classic desk jockey overuse injury, and the only remedy would be for him to take his new prescription frequently.

Dr. Dawn prescribed movement– not medicine– to treat his pain. She also provided him an extremely strict dose: “Do this when for each five minutes that you work at your keyboard.” She taught him a shoulder exercise I call “The Hitchhiking Pizzas.”

Hitchhiking Pizzas

1. Stand or sit, stacking your skull over ribs and ribs over pelvis. (In other words, no slouching!)

2. Draw your arms versus your sides, decreasing area in between your arms and the side of your body.

3. Spin your arms so the palms deal with outwards, spreading your fingers as far apart as they’ll go.


4. Flex your elbows 90 degrees, as if holding heavy pizzas. Then attempt to move the “pizzas” in reverse, imitating the action of a hitchhiker thumbing for a ride.


5. Hold for 30 seconds without letting your shoulder blades move together. Don’t thrust your chest out and lose your stacked skull/ribs/pelvis as seen in the image below.



Movement over medicine

Within 2 days my hubby’s shoulder discomfort went away. He’s still doing those Hitchhiking Pizzas, although not with the frequency of the initial Rx. If he does not do the move a number of times a day (or does it wrong), the discomfort returns.

Best of all, our own variation of the “nightcap” has finally returned, and my husband and I can hold hands when again, dreaming comfortably, profoundly and pain-free.

Conscious activity and proper positioning make such a big distinction to the wellness of your body’s tissues. It impresses me that tablets are regularly thought of as the “fastest way to discomfort relief.” In reality, it takes just a couple of moments to rearrange your body so that it can respond to the stresses of life instead of being broken by them. Pills take much longer to be taken in into your blood stream (along with their unfavorable negative effects), while self-massage or a motion to reinforce a much better posture take just a couple of minutes and have no adverse negative effects.

I think that self-care is the brand-new normal for health care. It all beginnings with:

  1. Being going to improve your self-awareness.
  2. Making selections that promote healing in the body.
  3. Disciplined practice to strengthen wellness and avoid problems in your tissues.