Hawaii yoga classes are central to surf legend's philosophy.

Hawaii yoga classes are central to surf legend’s philosophy.

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An Australian crowd of surf enthusiasts were in for a treat when they listened to a speech delivered by Hawaiian surf legend Gerry Lopez, as reported by The Age. According to fellow star athlete Wayne Lynch, Lopez was one of the first genuinely good “tube riders” before such a term even existed. So what was the key that helped Lopez look like such a natural? Hawaii yoga classes, of course!

”A Zen-like mind that is empty of thoughts allows a stronger connection with the wave,” Lopez wrote in his autobiography, “SURF is where you find it,” as quoted by the news source. ”A surfer needs to be in touch with the wave as opposed to being apart from it. This allows things to happen in slow motion … although in real time the process is moving very swiftly.”

Lopez took up yoga at the age of 19. The mind-body regimen taught him diet, discipline, exercise and balance, he said. Now 63, he lives in Oregon, and combines regular surf trips with snowboarding, according to the news source.

It’s no wonder that yoga was so useful to Lopez’s practice. The holistic healing technique is known to improve physical fitness, flexibility, mood and stress management, according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a division of the National Institutes of Health.

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