Hatha Yoga Definition

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Although normally deemed an additional form of physical fitness in the West, yoga is in fact an old practice from India that includes 6 primary courses or disciplines: raja, or mental discipline, bhakti, or devotion, jnana, the research of bible, karma, or good works, nada, using noise and vibrations, and hatha yoga, or physical motion. Hatha is the path of yoga which the majority of the of us are familiar with. Hatha yoga includes asanas, or positions, which are made use of to help relocate energy in the body.


Hatha yoga originates from the Sanskrit words ha, indicating sun, and tha, meaning moon. The word yoga itself suggests to yoke, or unite. Hatha yoga actually indicates unity of the sun and moon, however its deeper meaning signifies universal balance and harmony. The goal of hatha yoga is to stabilize the differing forces of energy within the body itself, and to balance that energy with the energy around us in nature. Each course of yoga seeks to assist the various transcend the physical self and attain unity or oneness with the universal divine.


The ancient sages taught hatha yoga as a day-to-day practice. It consists of asanas, or poses, pranayama, or breathing workouts, and meditation and leisure techniques. There are actually hundreds or asanas, however the core of the hatha yoga routine is a collection of 12 positions developed around surya namaskar, or salutation to the sun. It’s normally exercised first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and is created to stretch all the significant muscle teams and stimulate the body. Various other daily hatha yoga practices include ujjayi breathing exercises and prayer or mind-calming exercise. Both disciplines help to focus the mind and unwind the body.


Traditionally, hatha yoga belonged to a lifestyle that included appropriate diet plan, mind-calming exercise and study, along with codes of conduct for ethical living. In modern-day times yoga has been utilized therapeutically, and is utilized as a type of complementary medication to treat a broad selection of wellness related concerns. Meditation and yogic relaxation methods are used to alleviate tension and stress and anxiety, and even to combat depression. Asana practice could assist relieve arthritis discomfort, tone muscles, reinforce the heart and enhance bone strength. Pranayama exercises might assist to reduce bronchitis and assist asthma patients improve lung feature.

Philosophy not Medicine

Although yoga has been used therapeutically in the East for centuries, clinical study of its advantages continues in the West. You mustn’t use yoga as a replacement for conventional treatment. Hatha yoga may be made use of in combination with conventional medical treatment for health issues such as arthritis, hypertension and asthma. Nevertheless, check with your doctor before starting a yoga practice or any form of exercise.