Guardian Angel Meditation

Guardian Angel Meditation is a meditation approach utilized to reconnect with your guardian angel. This is a way of using mindfulness to hear the voice of your guardian angel. This Guardian Angel Meditation will certainly aid you to know your protector much better, to enhance your intuition. And to preserve a solid link in between you as well as your patron angel. This is likewise a fantastic means to discover a state of peace. When you link to your guardian angel, you attach to God himself.

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Guardian Angel Meditation

This is a step-by-step guide to practice the Guardian Angel Meditation.

Firstly, you have to prepare a space for your meditation. You need a location with a bed or a comfortable chair. The location needs to be quiet. You have to ensure that no one and absolutely nothing will interrupt you while you meditate. This mean shutting off your tv, computer and even your phone (a contact the center of the meditation is exactly what you need to prevent). If you do the reflection at daylight, be certain that closed your blinds, way too much light could be disturbing.

The next action in preparing the room is lighting candles or incense. They are wonderful to cleanse the space as well as making it comfortable for your guardian angel. The light of the candle lights and also the smoke of the scent can boost your emphasis. You could also use meditation musicor natural sounds like rainfall, river, sea sounds, etc.

Now that the area is comfortable, it’s time to make on your own comfy. Lay downor sitin a relaxing setting. You do not have to being in a lotus position. Laying in your bed is likewise fantastic. Keep in mind that you will certainly need to stay in the exact same position till the meditation is done, so find that position.


It’s time to Breath. You need to breath deeply and also concentrate on your breath. Attempt to free your mind from all the thoughts. Reach the state of mindfulness, when you consider absolutely nothing. When there are ideas, do not panic, acknowledge that idea as well as allow it go. You only have to concentrate on your breath.

When you removed your mind, it’s time to connect with your guardian angel. You could claim your guardian angel’s name, if you understand it. You could state a petition, if you recognize one. Or you could state: “Hello there! My guardian angel!”.

Now it’s time to use your intuition. If your guardian angel heard you, it will exist. You can really feel a presence, warmth, listen to a sound or listen to an actual voice. If you notice absolutely nothing, then ask your protector to give you a sign that he exists. The Guardian Angel Meditation proceeds as long as you have things to state to your angel. The conversation is as long as you want. When you prepare to finish the meditation, you have to claim farewell to your guardian angel. When you stated goodbye, you could begin to return. Keep calmness for a few seconds prior to attempting to get up.

This Guardian Angel Meditation will certainly help you obtain closer to your guard angel. It will certainly boost your intuition for messages from the holy world. And it is additionally a really enjoyable spiritual practice.