Good Exercises to Warm Up Kids' Legs for Dance

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Dance is a surprisingly rigorous activity, even more of a sport than an art from a totally physical viewpoint. This implies a correct warmup is necessary if you desire your kids to prevent injury during a session of dance lessons or practice. The particular exercises will certainly differ according to the kind of dance your kid does– tap uses different muscles than ballet. Nevertheless, the principles of excellent warmups continue to be consistent throughout the different designs.


The purpose of warming up for dance, or other exercise program, is to prepare the muscles and connective cells for exercise. If you move directly from normal task to vigorous exercise, those cells aren’t as elastic and versatile as dance will require. By warming up before a session, you relieve the connective cells into a state that lets you move with less opportunity of a pull, strain or tear.


Warm-up works out must be gentle and flowing. Aggressive exercises while heating up can cause injury in the same method– and for the same reasons– as exercising without warming up at all. Any stretches you do during your warmup needs to be likewise gentle. They shouldn’t be stretches meant to enhance variety of movement. It’s specifically crucial to make this point central to a children’ dance session, as they are not most likely to remember to keep things gentle by themselves.

Cardiovascular Elements

You do not have to get a cardiovascular burn to be prepared for dance. However, a light cardiovascular session increases blood flow throughout your body while giving your muscles and connective cells a gentle exercise. This makes a simple cardio session a reliable option for kids warm-ups for dance class, particularly if you can make it a game or similarly pleasurable task.


Tap dance exercises the muscles of the legs and core, suggesting some light leg squats and crunches may be an effective warmup. On the other hand, ballet and capoeira place strenuous needs on the entire body. Full-body calisthenics, and even a session of yoga, could be more appropriate.

Kids and Dance

The main distinctions between warmups for children and warmups for adults will be attention period and tolerance for intricacy. Adults can be trusted to monitor their own bodies while following an intricate set of warmup workouts. When leading children through the same exercises, you’ll certainly have to offer a consistent stream of fundamental directions to keep the dancers focused and in the right kind.