• Garudasana

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    Begin in Tadasana

  • Straighten, company up and trigger the left leg
  • Bring the toes of the right foot to delicately rest on the mat
  • Bend the standing left leg and cross the back of the right thigh over the left thigh
  • If possible, curl the toes of the right foot or the entire right foot around the back of the left calf
  • If not adaptable enough to do so, draw the right foot in near the left leg, touching the side of the bottom part of the left leg
  • Have the purpose of sitting down
  • Take the arms out sideways and draw them forward in front of the chest
  • Cross the left arm over the right arm
  • Bend the arms at the elbows so the lower arms turn up vertically
  • Either rest the back of the right-hand man against the back of the left wrist and hand or
  • If versatility permits, wrap the right hand throughout the left wrist so that the fingers of the right-hand man rest on the palm of the left hand or, if possible, both palms touching
  • The arms and hands become entwined
  • Draw the crossed arms up-wards so that the elbows are in line with the shoulders and
  • Gently take the laced arms up and away from the face
  • Hold for 3 to 5 breaths as a newbie or 8– 10 breaths for a more advanced practitioner
  • Straighten the bent left leg, uncross the legs taking the feet back into Tadasana
  • Bring the arms down, uncross the arms carefully, take the arms out sideways and release the arms down along with the body
  • Repeat for the same period of time swapping the cross of the legs and the cross of the arms

Note: The cross of the arms IS contrary to the cross of the legs

Counterpose / Pratikryasana:

  • Tadasana, (feet together) or
  • Samasthiti, (feet hip distance apart).

Cautions and Modifications:

If having the arms in the Eagle position shows to be too exhausting on the shoulders and or the neck, put the hands in Anjali Mudra or Namaskar.

Alternatively, the hands can rest on the thigh of the upper leg


  • Relieves cramps in the calf bone muscles
  • Strengthens the legs and the ankles
  • With the arms in the classic Garudasana position, tension in the shoulders and upper back is released
  • The position opens the upper neck muscles, relieving tightness and tension
  • Improves and enhances the power of concentration
  • Assists to bring the mind to one-pointedness

Chakra Association:

Muladhara Chakra.