Gaiam is populared for their yoga and physical fitness videos, in addition to yoga devices. It seems that now they provide an online TV channel that you register for, type of like Netflix, however for wellness, physical fitness, yoga and Pilates enthusiasts. It’s a terrific concept, as you can have access to hundreds of various videos 24/7 in the comfort of your own house.

Gaiam TV

I got a possibility to check out their online service, and I should say that there are many videos to choose from. I chose to experiment with a video by Amy Ippoliti called Inversions: Yoga Foundation of Youth. It’s a Thirty Minutes video teaching the essential alignment points that are required for balancing in inversions. I was amazed how excellent the quality and speed of the video was. Crystal clear HD, and the video began very quickly, and was smooth until completion.

It’s just like appearing an exercise DVD, however you’ve a numerous collection of work out selections depending on your state of mind. This is a cost effective means to keep healthy and fit. Yoga class can be quite expensive when going out to a studio, also keep in mind the long commute to obtain there and back. A one hour class, might take up 3 hours of your time. With Gaiam TV, it resembles your flipping channels on your computer, finding the best work out, and exercising quickly.

Customizable Programming

A cool aspect of Gaiam TELEVISION is that you can personalize your workouts based upon your very own requirements, and make your very own playlist. If you want to slim down, shape your body, boost energy or find specific courses based on your favorite educators, then you can save you choices and easily find them next time. You can also see scores or evaluations for each video also.

24/7 Accessibility

With the 24/7 access to Gaiam TV’s full library of videos, you can enjoy them anywhere and anytime with your computer system gadget. Ipad’s and smartphones as well. This is terrific for travellers, as you can continue to work out even far from home. When you are out of town it’s also ard to find gyms or certain class that you like to go to, and you mightn’t have the time to commute to the place, if you are on a business trip.

Free Trial

Gaiam TV is providing a totally free 10 day trial of unlimited watching of all their videos. There’s no dedication to subscribe, as it’s simply a wonderful way to try this remarkable service. If you choose to continue, then it’s only $9.95 per month. I think that’s a wonderful rate for unrestricted use of award winning courses. Yoga classes appear to be pricey these days, at about $20.00 per course, so if you do the mathematics, then Gaiam TELEVISION is a large amount. Also, the first 25 people to subscribe, will certainly get a totally free yoga mat as a present.

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