Yoga instructor Leslie Howard recommends this 7-pose series for a solid, balanced backside.

Diagnostic poses: Use poses 1 and also 2 to assess exactly what your glutes are up to.
Strengthening poses: Obtain your glutes shooting with presents 3– 5.
Practice poses: Apply what you have actually discovered how to these last, standing poses.

For the backstory on your gluteus muscle mass as well as how they ought to be working for you, read Glute Anatomy to Boost Your Yoga Practice

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    1. Locust Pose, variation

    Salabhasana, variation

    Lie on your belly, with your temple assisted by a folded up covering and also your arms on your sides, hands down. Position your right fingertips in the center of your appropriate rear and involve your glutes– all 3 of them. Fire up your core a little bit. Breathe in to lift the appropriate leg, paying attention to as well as really feeling around for which muscular tissues are working, as well as just how tightly. It’s possible to lift your leg with simply your hamstring or quadratus lumborum muscular tissues, so if your glutes aren’t engaging, discover exactly what is. You desire your glutes and also hamstrings to firm right as you lift your leg, sharing the tons. Exhale to release and also switch over sides. If you discover that your glutes are clenching as well as cannot unwind, take a minute to stretch them in Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Pet dog Present).

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    2. Half Bow Pose, variation

    Ardha Dhanurasana, variation

    To help compare imbalances from left to right, remain on your stomach with your forehead hing on the covering and inhale to bend your knees, bringing your shins to a 90-degree angle with your upper legs. Maintain your heels over your knees as well as your feet flexed. Place your fingertips at the center of your gluteus maximus, on both sides, as well as switch on those muscle mass, in addition to slight core engagement. Gently turn your legs out, pressing the feet into one an additional, to help you engage. On one more inhale, raise your knees and also shins directly, sending your feet closer to the ceiling, as long as possible. It won’t be a huge lift. You are trying to simultaneously transform on both the glutes and hamstrings, so if you discover an imbalance, press the heel on the lazy-cheek side into the heel of the harder-working side to try to switch on the weak glute. Keep here for as long as it requires to assess your glutes. Breathe out to release.

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    3. Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose, variation

    Supta Padangusthasana, variation

    Lie on your back with your legs prolonged before you. Bring your arms on your sides, bending the elbow joints as well as pressing them into the floor. Involve the quadriceps as well as point the kneecaps towards the ceiling. Bend the feet. On a breathing, utilize your left glute and your arms as well as obliques to raise the ideal leg as close to perpendicular to the flooring as possible. Goal to keep both hips pressing right into the flooring, which can give immediate feedback– you’ll have the ability to really feel right away if the physical body components touching the floor are striving, as well as you could even feel the fibers of your left gluteus maximus fly where your buttocks meet to your outer left hip. If you see that your left glutes aren’t functioning, relieve off the arms. If that does not assist, your right hamstrings could be taking control of and you should, after your glute series, work with gentle hamstring stretches like Downward Canine and also Uttanasana (Standing Ahead Bend). Repeat the leg lift 8– 10 times on the right before lowering the leg on an exhalation and beginning over beyond. Don’t hesitate to do even more reps on your weaker side, seeing to it to discharge your glutes before lifting your leg.

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    4. Bridge Pose

    Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

    Release the arms down and flex the knees, bringing the feet in so they are here the knees, and also graze the heels with your fingertips. Breathe in to raise your hips and relocate the breast toward the chin. Roll onto your shoulders by moving the shoulder cutters better together and clasping the hands. Away, lift the spheres of your feet and stomp your heels to activate the gluteus maximus and also take this present out of your back. Hold for 30– 60 seconds, breathe out to release the hands. Slowly much lower down, proactively pressing the heels into the flooring. Unwind completely.

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    5. Low Lunge


    Come to standing and step your left foot back, delicately reducing your left knee to the floor as well as placing a hand on either side of your appropriate foot, utilizing blocks under your hands if you are rounding through the spinal column. Make certain your right knee mores than your right ankle joint. Maintain your left toes tucked so you could push with the heel. Somewhat get your left gluteus maximus to press the left femur back and extend the left groin. Without this involvement, your femur can push ahead right into the groin area as well as with time cause injury, including labral tears in the ring of cartilage material around your hip outlet. Visit in Low Lunge for 1– 2 minutes before exhaling to launch. Step the left foot onward as well as return to standing. Repeat on the other side, then rest in a customized Balasana (Kid’s Pose), with your knees and also feet apart.

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    6a. Warrior Pose II

    Virabhadrasana II

    As you discovered in Reduced Lunge, involving the gluteus maximus will certainly assist move your thighs back and stretch the groins. Maintaining the femur back also assists you to ground down through your heels, so you really feel a lot more rooted and also secure in standing postures– a crucial to a balanced, reliable, and secure yoga exercise practice.
    6a From standing, tip your left foot back 3– 4 feet, the toes kipped down concerning 30 degrees. Bring your hands to your hips, leading them to face the wall in front of you. Origin into your feet, on the surface rotate both femurs, as well as start to bend the ideal knee, tracking it towards the little-toe side of your foot. Pause here as well as observe just what is happening with your glutes, tailbone, and also legs. Are you tucking? Are your glutes switched on? The amount of weight is in each foot?

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    6b. Warrior Pose II

    Virabhadrasana II

    Beginners often experiment also significantly weight in the front foot in Soldier II– but with the gluteus medius as well as minimus involved, the back femur could externally turn, allowing you to ground even more with your back foot, particularly the heel. With your hands still on your aware of keep them square, and your feet based, gradually start to bend the left knee. This will certainly allow you to externally revolve the left thigh much more, which will certainly let you press your thigh back and also make use of the gluteus medius and minimus to assist you ground more with your left heel and also foot. Gradually begin to correct the left leg once more, maintaining the exterior turning you just acquired from flexing the knee. You should now really feel more weight in the back foot, as well as your breath ought to be freer in the left side of your body from decompression in the spine.

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    6c. Warrior Pose II

    Virabhadrasana II

    Maintaining that basing sensation and engagement in the left glutes, maintain your hips degree as you breathe out and also flex deeper into the right knee, bringing it over the ankle joint. Extend the arms out, palms down, letting the shoulders release down. Bring the look past the best fingertips. Take 10 deep breaths here. Exhale to decrease the arms, inhale back to standing, pressing much more into the back foot to come up. Change sides.

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    7. Extended Side Angle Pose

    Utthita Parsvakonasana

    You could continuously have fun with turning on the glutes in all of your standing poses. Practicing Prolonged Side Angle Posture includes a challenge, given that you need to keep the legs based while sidebewnding. Beginning as you provided for Warrior II, taking all of the same actions to get right into the final present. Follicle down via both heels, specifically the back, to aid use that grounding power, also called apana vayu. From Soldier II, breathe out to bring the right-hand man to the floor or a block and the left arm together with the left ear, preserving level hips and also length in the spine. Take 10 breaths prior to switching sides.

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