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People in recovery who’re successfully working the Twelve Steps know that AA is a spiritual program. Initially some people in search of sobriety in recovery are shut off when they’re told spirituality is the really structure of AA and the Twelve Steps. Spirituality is often related with religious beliefs, but spirituality is even more than that and goes deeper, it’s the foundation for a religious tradition. Faith, according to Webster, is ‘the acknowledgment of a Divine Being and a systematic manifestation in praise, ritual and conduct.’

Many people don’t have a methodical praise or ritual but are still spiritual. When an individual isn’t connected to a specific faith, she or he can incorrectly conclude that she or he’s not spiritual. Supporting a spiritual life can lead an individual to express his/her connection with God in and with a religious custom. Yet, spirituality transcends a faith. Every human is spiritual by virtue of the fact that she or he’s breath or life.

As we progressively struggle with life’s favorable and negative minutes we can either grow the art of living or we can simply survive.

Spirituality is regularly thought about by many individuals as some thing to be obtained. For many years I’ve worked at Hanley Center, West Palm Beach, Florida, as a spiritual counselor, and typically people ask me, ‘Exactly what must do I do to get spirituality or can you help me become more spiritual?’ In cases where males and females have been with a number of Twelve Action treatment programs, when asked what’s missing out on in their life the response is consistently the same, spirituality. The good news is spirituality isn’t something to obtain like a possession however rather someone we currently are. Who we’re and how we stay in relationship to others is exactly what ultimately reveals our spirituality, our lifestyle, and is the structure for our presence.

Given that spirituality has to do with a way of life, the distinction for each individual becomes the quality of his/her relationships with others. To be mindfully spiritual recommends that an individual is on a trip of becoming his/her truest self with repeating phases of awareness, discovery and advancement.

Waking approximately life with a sense of function as grounded in Higher Power is the primary goal for the spiritual trip.

Spiritual-becoming leads us into deeper mindfulness of the quality of our life on the lives of others. Modern discovery of who we actually are makes it possible for us to penetrate the surface of things and appear to the interconnectedness of all living things with God.

The disease of addiction can not be healed but like cancer can be composed remission. Treatment, working the Twelve Steps and AA empower an abuser or alcoholic to deal with optimizing their spiritual life while keeping the illness in check. Too often people with the illness as well as others search outside themselves for something higher and deeper to satisfy their appetite. Yet what they search for is inside, intangible and transcendent. Our life-journey isn’t ultimately outdoors, however a journey inward to a discovery of God within us. In reality, what we search for exactly what we already have, namely the God-given present of life, our objective is to awaken, foster, and celebrate this outstanding present. Life’s goal isn’t about getting attention or things from others but being attentive to and in touch with self, others and Higher Power.

For years I’ve actually advised people yearning for spiritual connection to simply accept their life and discover the remarkable in the ordinary. To value life as sacred is to see the ‘Wow’ and awe of being alive. A number of years ago I challenged a skilled artist, a patient, to compose a song that recounted his trip from abuse to spiritual awakening. His epiphany to Mystery-Presence and his life-change are reflected in these lyrics of Getting up.