1. Ustrasana (Camel pose):


  • Kneel down on the ground maintaining your knees at the very least 6 inches apart.
  • Use both your hands to get to in reverse as well as get the right ankle joint with your best hand as well as left ankle with your left hand while looking towards the ceiling.
  • Keeping your thighs straight, push your abdominal area in forward motion.
  • Hold this position for a couple of breaths, release your hands and also return to beginning position.

If you are experiencing from high or low blood stress, migraine headache or any sort of back and neck injury, prevent this asana.

2. Halasana (Plough pose):


  • Lie down on the flooring with your back as well as location your hands by your side palms encountering downwards.
  • Slowly lift your legs maintaining it at appropriate angle to the flooring, bend it backwards over your head such that your toes are touching the ground beyond your head and press your chin versus your throat.
  • To keep this pose for long, assist your back with your arm joints on the ground.
  • Breathe normally as lengthy as you hold this posture, go back to your initial placement and repeat again.

3. Trikonasana (Triangular present):


  • Stand with your legs about 3 feet apart.
  • Now elevate both your hands keeping it at a straight line with your shoulders.
  • Bending towards the best side, touch the toes of your best leg with the fingers of your best hand and also raise the left hand to seek out to your left hand.
  • Hold position momentarily and repeat the exact same with the left side.

4. Bhujangasana (Cobra pose):

yoga mat

  • Lie standard on the ground with your tummy, legs kept together with toes pointing outwards as well as keeping practical either side of your upper body with palms facing the floor.
  • Pressing on both hands, increase your forehead and also look upwards. Breathe in enabling the weight to hinge on your chest.
  • Extending your arms additionally, correct your elbow joints and raise your upper body and hinge on your abdomen.
  • Maintain for some even more time and also exhale as you release from this posture.

5. Adho Mukha Savasana (Downward dealing with pet dog present):

yoga bikram

  • Sit on the fours with the knees as well as hands on the ground.
  • While breathing out, raise your knees off the flooring as well as draw yourself backwards stretching your arms as well as assisting your legs on your toes.
  • Now draw your hips upwards to the ceiling to make sure that your body is in the shape of an inverted V and also if required, support with hands and feet.
  • Let your head hand downwards as well as stretch your arms further.

Practicing these five yoga asanas daily will maintain you far from anxiety thus minimizing pre-mature graying.

6. Sukhasana:

  • Keep a folded up quilt on the floor and also stretch your legs in front of you.
  • Fold both legs from your knees maintaining your feet underneath the opposite knee and sit with your back straight.
  • Keep your eyes open and also take a breath normally for 5-10 minutes.

7. Kapalbhati (Fire of breath):

  • Sit in padmasana with both legs crossed.
  • Exhale vigorously via your nose maintaining a rhythm.
  • The breathing takes place easily between your exhalation.
  • Start with 3 minutes and then gradually raise the time.

This asana raises blood flow to your scalp that avoids premature graying of hair.
Some various other asanas that fights against graying of hair are Shoulder stand, Headstand, Standing ahead bend posture and Sun salutation.