If you read the first part of Finding More Love with Feng Shui you might’ve currently started your trip to boost love in your life. Ideally you’ve actually set an intention and have actually been analyzing your room with Feng Shui eyes. Feng Shui can be most effective when you integrate symbolic and practical treatments with a personal affirmation to make a modification in your life. Let us continue discovering the best ways to improve the Feng Shui in our bedroom with five extra and simple corrections (treatments) you can make to your area.


  1. A bed room need to be a bedroom: The bed room should be a blessed space devoted to two things: sleep and sex. We wish to avoid having our bedrooms being a bed room masquerading as a workplace, -TV, or -exercise space. Items like computers, TVs, and exercise devices also change the energy patterns of a space. This won’t just disrupt sleep but will also create an interruption from love. If you reside in a bachelor home or can’t move these products out of the bed room, then cover them with black fabric during the night, this will certainly assist manage the negative energy.

  2. Where’s your head at? Positioning the head of your bed versus a wall offers stability. You can also include a headboard for additional support – I such as solid upholstered headboards. The wall behind our head is the symbolic mountain which must preferably guarantee your home to offer support to enhance the flow of ch’i. (Note: If the wall that the head of your bed is against has a toilet or sink straight on the other side, please attempt to move the bed to another supporting wall.)

  3. Balancing act: A few of us who’re newly partnered (or searching for a partner) may find sharing a room a difficulty. When you’re single you can create your space the means you like however that may not be so enticing to your potential partner. One factor for this discord in decor is that the yin and yang may run out whack. Yin and yang are opposing forces which are stood for in all things. Absolutely nothing is 100 % yin or yang. Colours, forms, items, and occasions can make an area more yin or yang. For instance, a bedroom with darker walls, a great deal of soft furnishings and low lighting is really yin. Too much yin might make the occupants sluggish and doing not have in desire. Alternatively, a room may have high ceilings, a great deal of natural light streaming in, and extremely linear furnishings – this is an extremely yang space. Too much yang can trigger interruption, heighten emotion, even anger. Take a look at your space, can you stabilize the light and bright colors with some darker tones or the hectic floral with some solids?

  4. Low ch’i: This is a great all around Feng Shui treatment for any bed room. If you’ve low energy, cannot get out of bed or aren’t inspired sexually one reason could be a low level of ch’i (energy) in the space. Your space might’ve too much large furniture in it and the ch’i is struggling to circulate. So lighten up! Another problem can be the position of your bed, windows and door. This might be making ch’i flow in too slowly, or it may be streaming directly through and out. Try hanging a Feng Shui crystal – it’s a golf ball-sized prism – from the center of your space. This is an excellent multi-purpose treatment for energy problems. The crystal will modulate the flow of ch’i by speeding it up or slowing it down.

  5. Ensuite not so sweet: Do you’ve an ensuite restroom door opening into your room? Many people do. This isn’t perfect, specifically if you can see the toilet from the bed. This circumstance could result in a strain on the relationship because the water and flushing can drain the energy out the bed room. Quick treatment: keep the door to the ensuite bath closed. You can likewise include a full-length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door. This reflects the favorable bed room energy back into the area. (FYI do not add the mirror if you’ll have the ability to see it when you’re depending on bed – mirrors can lead to rest interruption.)

These 10 corrections in Parts 1 and 2 have actually been streamlined for easy application. They’re great general principles and best practices that can benefit any area. In some circumstances there could be concerns in a bedroom or home that require closer evaluation or may exceed the fundamentals, e.g., an odd space shape. In those scenarios, I recommend you speak to a certified Feng Shui specialist if you want to check out Feng Shui on deeper level. A lot of importantly, strategy this path to enhancing your love life with a light heart, an open mind, and a desire to make a modification. And naturally: have a good time! I want you true blessings and best of luck on your journey.

Laura Morris is a qualified Feng Shui expert. www.morrisfengshui.com