Looking for a New Year’s resolution that’ll enhance your life? Clearing your area of undesirable clutter can release you both physically and emotionally. Clutter is a cyclical issue: when your energy is unfavorable the clutter begins to build up which physical clutter develops more stagnant energy. Clutter of the mind leads to mess in your space and vice-versa. So let us break the cycle of mess.

All types of clutter

Whether it accumulates on table tops, above refrigerators or on the floor – blocks the flow of ch’i. Ch’i energy animates all living things and circulates throughout the areas we occupy, without ch’i, as without breath, there would be no life. Feng Shui (definition ‘Wind and Water’) is the old Chinese art of positioning and designing environments that improve this flow of energy. A basic component of Feng Shui is space-clearing, mostly through the removal of mess. Clear the mess in your house and the ch’i can flow easily, enhancing the lives of its residents.

If you prepare to clear the mess ask yourself three questions when evaluating products in your house:

  1. Does it raise my energy when I take a look at it or when I think about how it entered my life? Use your instinct to address this question.
  2. Do I like it? Does it motivate me?
  3. Is it really beneficial? When did I last use it or am I going to utilize again in the future? Be honest with yourself.


If that is not enough inspiration for you to start your quest for a clutter-free house, possibly comprehending what your clutter states about you and how it can influence you life will provide you the push you require.


The kitchen is symbolically connected to digestion and wellness and some think that it’s associated with the liver (the purifying center of the body). So a chaotic kitchen area can result in stagnant and undesirable energy.

Tip: Keep the stove clean and in good working order.

Front Entrance

In Feng Shui the front door is called the ‘mouth of ch’i.’ All new energy streams into your home from this point. A cluttered front entrance-way blocks energy and starves the house of much-needed ch’i. Symbolically, a messy entrance can mean road blocks in your life and profession.

Tip: Make your front entrance as clutter-free as possible and organize the shoes, mittens and coats to clear a course for the ch’i. Transitional clutter is fine, e.g., boots that are used everyday.


A cluttered basement can symbolize being stuck in the past. It’s believed that the bigger and older the junk in your basement, the larger the concern that you’ve been staying clear of. This kind of mess can cause feelings of depression and sleepiness.

Tip: Use the basement for storage however examine regularly. Remove undesirable presents and inherited products that you do not really want, they can weigh heavily on you and can trigger adverse ch’i.

Still do not know the best ways to get started? There’s a Chinese proverb that states: ‘If you really want change in your life, move 27 things.’ Use the policy of nine. 9 is an effective number in Feng Shui, so utilize it to distribute the quantity of cleaning you do on a regular basis.

  1. Clear clutter for 9 minutes every day or better yet 27 minutes daily for 27 days.
  2. Remove 9 things every day for 9 days.
  3. Donate 9 pieces of clothes to someone else that needs them or a deserving cause.

You get the concept. If you’re still having problem beginning, ask a pal to assist. If you think you need an expert, be honest with yourself about that and get some outdoors assistance. By getting rid of, contributing, or moving products in your home, you can revitalize your surroundings and offer ch’i a kick beginning. This will certainly assist you’ll gain energy and clearness in 2013.

Laura Morris is a licensed Feng Shui specialist www.morrisfengshui.com.