yoga posture

Johnny Mathis is not simply the individual you hear on late night commercials for music anthologies of yesteryear, though he IS releasing a new box set of tunes. Sure, your moms and dads, or possibly even grandparents (exactly what year is this?) will certainly broach him fondly, but genuinely this individual is a classic American vocalist, popular for his smooth voice and charming ballads. If you have no idea exactly what we’re discussing, listen right here, and be carried to another land and time. (He also sings a few of the very best Christmas music out there if you enjoy that sort of thing.)

Though his biggest hits might have come decades back, the 78-year-old singer is still active, so active he’s even taken up yoga, when he’s not doing tours or lending his voice as a blowtorch wielding golf enthusiast on ‘The Simpsons.’ It’s never far too late, folks.

He just recently spoke about attempting this ‘yoga things’ he’s been hearing a lot about:

AP: How was life been outside of music?

Mathis: I’m trying to determine just how much workout I need … Somebody stated, ‘Have you ever attempted to do some yoga stuff?’ … I’m torn in between beginning an entire brand-new regimen of exercises or sticking to the ones I have. That’s the thing that happens I think with entertainers who get a little older and question how they can keep their appearance up.

AP: How’s the yoga going?

Mathis: This is my 3rd day. I require a little bit more time. I’ve seen it and I know people who do it and I thought: ‘Let’s try it. Let’s see.’ Because it’s great for breathing, I know that and that’s a very big, huge part of exactly what I do onstage. … I get up at 4:30 in the morning to go to my physical education and I have actually been doing that for a long time … however the yoga thing is about a week old and we’ll see how long that lasts.

Chances are, if you stay with it, Johnny, undoubtedly you will discover it to be wonderful, fantastic.