mat challenge, yoga challenge

What does “staying clear of trouble” really mean?

help with yogaAvoiding– to go around. To detour. To take the easier path. To manage
not to do something or stop something from taking place.

I enjoyed today as this guy struggled to enter a back flex. His arms
flopped open, elbows taking the pressure, shoulders breaking down.
Desperately trying to push up with a weak foundation. He could
spend years like that, gradually making the weakest parts of his
shoulders weaker and wearing out his elbows: till lastly something
breaks. OR he can go an action backwards, he can find out to look at the
part which he finds hard (in this case holding the elbows in and
the shoulders in their outlets) and work their prior to even lifting the
head off the floor. Identify the work. The genuine work. The work that
will bring about positive modifications’, that’ll give you strength, that
will provide you a different outcome.

comfort zoneIT IS hard. I understand it’s difficult. That’s why we prevent it. We do it the simple method since we think it’ll get us to the end outcome quicker. But that’s just an impression. It’s ordinary not true. All it’ll do is keep us from the right path. Stop us from heading in the right instructions. It in fact prevents the results that we frantically seek.

So how can this essential lesson be mirrored into our day-to-day lives?
If we’ve the same trouble taking place over and over once again we to have
to take a step back. Re-asses the situation and recognize the weakness.
What’s it that we do that stays clear of handling the trouble? What is
it that triggers the exact same outcomes over and over? For me I’m trying to
relationshipslearn ways to act and not respond. I often get protective and when I
respond emotionally it’s generally undesirable and vicious. Like a
scorpion, I’ve a sting in my tail and when I react with my sting, it
hurts. It also drives people away. Terrified of being stung once again, the
attacker hideaways. This has led to me being left alone, not the
outcome that I desired.

So, working within my problem, I’ve to take s step in reverse. To
recognise exactly what I’m doing wrong. See ways to change it. Discover how to
act, not react. Let the feelings drain out of a circumstance prior to I
respond. Come from a calm and nurturing place. Not a protective and
stubborn location, unwilling to pull back. It IS difficult! That’s the real
work. The work that can bring about change. The work that’ll set
about a different cause and produce a various impact. The work
that’ll bring me the results that I want.

Sometimes when we feel bad about ourselves we do things that avoid
dealing with the genuine problem. We drink alcohol, we smoke: we do things
to reduce out the discomfort. This in turn makes us feel bad, we feel worse
about ourselves and so we consume to conceal from it. To prevent dealing with
the real difficulty. Exactly what we actually should do is be nice to
ourselves. To work within the problem. To take rest, do even more yoga exercise,
eat good food, laugh and be with individuals who adore us. Do the hard work
to feel good about ourselves. To obtain the outcome that we truly want.
To be a fitter, healthier and happier person.

meditationAnd there you’ve it. Working within the difficulties. Doing the hard work. The genuine work. Seeing the faults and putting in great deals of effort to right them, to rebalance them. In the case of the back flex, if you deal with the foundation then you’ll lift up higher. From strong roots we grow tall. And so it’s the same with my own problems off the mat. Deal with the foundations. Come from a good place, have strong
roots. Work within the problems and do the work. Start to get the results that you want.

By altering the method we do things daily, allows a brand-new individual inside of
us to grow.