Here are the immunizations that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends for different age groups.

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Want to know one of the easiest keys of self healing? It’s almost as easy and cost-effective as yoga. It’s vaccination, a practice so essential that the government has declared August to be National Immunization Awareness Month.

Here are the immunizations that the UNITED STATE Division of Wellness and Human Solutions advises for different age groups:

– Young children, suggesting children 5 and under, must get regular shots to minimize their risks of hepatitis B, measles, polio as well as chickenpox. (It’s preventable, so why not prevent it?)

– Tweens aged 11 or 12 usually have to get immunized against diphtheria, pertussis (a.k.a. whooping cough), meningitis and tetanus. Some kids this age also receive the HPV immunization.

– At age 16, teenagers get a meningitis booster shot.

– Every years, grownups need booster shots for diphtheria and tetanus.

– And for the senior (people age 65 or older), many doctors advise a one-time-only pneumonia vaccination.

So keep in mind to keep immunization among your self recovering methods!