Yoga Nidra increases your self-awareness.

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The art of relaxation is an excellent skill. Most of what you call ‘unwinding’ is really a diversion– enjoying films, lounging in front of tv, searching the Web. Yoga Nidra, indicating ‘yogic rest,’ takes you into a state of peaceful calmness to assist you experience deeper leisure and increase your idea. Making use of body and breath awareness, visual imagery and attention on your intention, a Yoga Nidra session helps clarify your mind and increase your concentration.

Before You Start

The best time to do Yoga Nidra is after a warm-up of yoga asanas, or postures, to extend your muscles and bring awareness to your breath so you’ll get deeper into the mind-calming exercise. This is the main reason for doing yoga asanas.

Simple Stretches

Cat / Cow stretches, done from your hands and knees, help you connect with your breath, extend your spinal column, and relax your shoulders and neck muscles. Follow with Standing Forward Bend, making certain that your feet are solidly on the floor, hip-width apart. Inhale, extend your spinal column forward. Exhale, relax into Standing Forward Flex. Continue this for a total amount of 10 times to take complete breaths, get grounded in your stance and extend your spine.

Sun Salutation Benefits

Finish your warm-up with two or few rounds of Sun Salutations for a healthy combination of resistance and cardio workouts. Physically, Sun Salutations help open your lungs, stretch and reinforce your muscles, tone your body organs and clear toxins, according to Dr. Georg Feuerstein, author of ‘The Yoga Tradition: Its History, Literature, Philosophy and Practice.’ Mentally, Sun Salutations increase your focus, reduce tension, and lift your state of mind.

Sun Salutation Poses

From Standing Forward Bend, step back into Downward-Facing Canine. Inhale, bring your shoulders forward into Plank Pose. Exhale, lower down to your yoga mat. Inhale, extend your head and chest into Cobra. Exhale, step back into Downward-Facing Canine and hold for 5 breaths. Inhale, walk your feet to your hands and extend your spinal column forward. Exhale into Standing Forward Flex. Inhale, stand and extend your arms overhead. Exhale, bring your palms together in front of your heart. That’s one Sun Salutation.

Corpse Pose

Finish your practice in Remains Pose, pushing your back with your arms and legs out to your sides. You’re now ready to exercise Yoga Nidra. Use a recording to follow along, as your instructor gently speaks you through the practice.