Energization Exercises

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Developed in 1916 by Paramahansa Yogananda, the Energization Exercises are a component of his Kriya Yoga design of yoga. The purpose of these exercises, which take about 15 minutes to do, is to alleviate stress and prepare the body for mind-calming exercise. In 1920, Yogananda left his homeland of India to bring the practice to the United States, where he lectured on the benefits of Kriya Yoga all across the nation. He started the Self-Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles. All these workouts are done while standing.


Practitioners of Kriya Yoga think the Energization Exercises draw cosmic energy into the body with the medulla oblongata, which belongs to the lower brain stem. The complete set makes up 39 exercises created to enhance your energy, awareness and general wellness. After practicing these exercises, the resulting state of leisure and enhanced concentration should enable longer, even more successful meditation sessions.

Double Breathing

Double breathing is a breathing strategy utilized throughout the Energization Exercises. Specialists think it assists oxygenate the blood and eliminate contaminants. This approach consists of two inhalations through your nose– the first short, the 2nd long– followed by two exhalations– once more, initially a short one and then a long one– through both your nose and mouth. This breathing technique ought to stimulate and relax your body.

Calf Recharging

Standing on your right foot, bring your left upper hand while bending the knee and tensing your calf bone muscle. Relax with your leg lifted, then tense the muscle once again and bring the leg down. Repeat this three times, then strained your ankle and turn it in a circle 3 times. Repeat this series on the various other side of your body.

Body Recharging

The body recharging workout is carried out by breathing in slowly while tensing your body till it vibrates. While searching for and holding this tension, draw energy into your body then finish by breathing out and unwinding. Repeat this exercise one to 3 times.

Palms Touching

To do the Energization Workout double breathing with palms touching, hold your arms out directly, breathe out twice with initially a brief and afterwards a long exhalation, bend your knees and then touch your palms together in front of your body. Inhale twice– initially a brief breath and then a long breath– then return your body to the beginning position. Unwind your body with the exhalations and tense it with the inhalations, repeating this exercise 3 to five times.