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Yoga pants are visiting take over the world, and also you can’t say Ellen DeGeneres didn’t notify us! The charming and also amusing comic opened her show on Wednesday with an extremely major message: we are being taken in by yoga exercise trousers and also there’s absolutely nothing any one of us can do to stop it.

‘I wish to talk about something powerful that’s brushing up the nation,’ she started, ominously. ‘Eventually it’s visiting take over the entire globe and also there’s nothing we can do concerning it. Obviously, I’m discussing yoga pants.’

Ah, yes! Yogapantscalypse. Yogapantsageddon?

A yoga enthusiast as well as regular expert, herself, Ellen also pointed out that while yoga pants sales are with the roofing system – they’re defeating out jeans! – simply 5 % of folks that wear them are really doing yoga or are active in any way (these are not official statistics, but probably close). In shorts, you see someone in yoga trousers and it’s quite likely the only task they’ve been educating for is a Netflix endurance. This is why they call this expanding design ‘athleisure,’ accent on the leisure. (And comfort, of course!)

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According to Ellen, also governmental confident Hillary Clinton is using them! It’s a joke, but we understand she’s exercised yoga exercise, and also we wagered Hillsides unwinds in some elastic yoga exercise pantsuits when she’s at home. First Girl Michelle Obama would certainly approve.

As they obtain even more prominent, yoga trousers are acquiring ever more costly. Ellen’s solution for conserving some dough?

‘Below’s a suggestion. Place on some pantyhose, stick a Lululemon company logo on the back. Exact same thing. You’re welcome.’

Thanks, Ellen. (Below’s a tip: please don’t wear those to yoga class.)

[h/t Racked]