Move built-up fire power from the stomach via the rest of the body to stabilize the Pitta dosha as well as fight its tendencies for competition and overheating.

Pitta is a mix of fire and also water. Pitta doshas (take our dosha quiz to determine yours) should be especially conscious of allowing go of their affordable tendencies as well as comparing themselves with other yogis– on and off the floor covering. Rather, attempting to kick back and also stay present with your own method and also routine reflection is specifically essential for this dosha.

Pitta’s primary component, fire, is based in the tummy. The presents in this series aid to move built up Pitta and its fire quality to uniformly spread out via out the body for the all-natural radiance as well as natural radiance that comes from balance.
The component of fire in this dosha indicates Pittas have even more of a propensity towards warmth as well as getting too hot. It’s not perfect for Pittas to practice power yoga courses in a heated room. Pitta types should adjust even much more in the warm summertime, taking even greater like prevent getting too hot in their practices. Cooling, unwinding presents are best, ideally initially of the day– or at the very least not in the most popular component of the day. Focus on positions that assistance to release excess warm from the body, including those that open the heart and also the hips, such as Pigeon, Cobra, Bow and also Bridge presents. The very best standing positions for Pitta are those that open up the hips, consisting of Tree Pose, Warrior II, and also Half Moon.

Avoid holding lengthy inversions (which attract a great deal of warm right into the head), overheating with extremely rapid flow sequences, as well as aggressively pushing to obtain right into Handstand every practice. A longer Savasana duration is fantastic for Pittas, concentrating on calming the breath, which helps you feel cooled off as well as even more centered.

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    Easy Pose


    Come to a comfortable seat. Take 20 breathes with eyes shut, enjoying the breath as well as permitting it to normally slow down.

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    Start by stooping on your hands and knees, hands under your shoulders and also knees under your hips. Exhale deeply through your mouth and agreement your stomach muscles up toward your back, rounding your spine to the ceiling as you put your tailbone under and also bring your chin toward your chest in Cat Posture. Inhale and relax your belly, allowing it drift toward the ground, as you raise your head, entered into a small backbend, as well as glide your shoulder blades down your back for Cow Pose. Remain to move your back via a number of rounds of these curving and backbending movements, feeling the activity of each vertebra.

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    Child’s Pose


    Spread your knees as large as your floor covering, maintaining the tops of your feet on the floor with the huge toes touching. Bring your stubborn belly to remainder in between your thighs and also your temple to the flooring. Stretch your arms in front of you with the palms towards the floor. Remain at the very least 5 breaths, reconnecting with the constant inhales and also exhales of your breath.

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    Downward-Facing Dog

    Adho Mukha Svanasana

    Step both legs back right into Downward Pet dog, making an upside down “V” shape with your hips lifted as well as legs straight. Spread your fingers and also ground below the forearms into the fingertips. Rotate your top arms external to expand the collarbones. Let your head hang as well as relocate your shoulder blades far from your ears toward your hips. Engage your quadriceps and turn your upper legs inward, sinking your heels toward the floor.

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    Extended Triangle Pose

    Utthita Trikonasana

    Step onward with your left foot into and transform your ideal foot out at a 45-degree angle towards the leading corner of your mat. Direct your left toes forward to make sure that your hips open up to deal with the side of the mat. Inhale and move your arms out in a T-shape, with your hands down and also shoulders kicked back. Exhale and also push your hips towards your back foot. Extend your spinal column while maintaining both legs right. Keep your front quad muscle mass engaged as well as turned outward. Relocate your left hand towards your shin, a block, your ankle joint, or the flooring as your right arm lifts towards the ceiling. Extend your back and torso as you take at the very least 5 breaths. Return to Downward-Facing Pet after that step the ideal foot onward to duplicate this posture on the opposite side.

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    Cobra Pose


    Transition to your stomach. Put your palms under your shoulders with your fingertips directed direct as well as your elbows tucked right back behind you, near your ribcage. Extend your legs, with the tops of your feet pushing down into the floor covering and your toes pointing straight back behind you. As you inhale, push your hands or fingertips down right into the mat to carefully extend your arms as you stretch up into a backbend. Do not stress. Only bend as high as really feels natural. Raise your upper body up as well as radiate your heart large open, rolling your shoulder blades down. Inhale this backbend for at the very least five breaths. Ahead out, flex your arm joints to gently reduce pull back to your mat.

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    Bow Pose


    Lie on your stomach with your arms on your sides and palms dealing with up. Roll your shoulders up and back. Bend both knees, expanding your heels as well as bringing your feet toward your butts. Realize your external ankle joints with your hands ideally, or, if not, vigorously press your ankle joints and feet toward one another. Keep breathing deeply as you press your knees towards each various other into the midline and your heels back, slowly raising the opening of your breast and heart. Rock gently if that really feels all-natural. Take at least 5 breaths and duplicate up to 3 rounds.

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    Head-to-Knee Forward Bend

    Janu Sirsasana

    Sit on the floor with your legs directly in front of you. Inhale, flex your left knee, and also draw your heel back toward your groin, pressing against your internal right thigh. Keep your ideal leg directly with your ideal foot bent. Stretch both arms up overhead, after that breathe out and also bent your torso slightly to the right, straightening your navel with your right huge toe. Begin to extend your arms forward, extending your back forward as much as possible and bringing your hands down to the mat on either side of your leg for support. Eventually you might be able to clasp either side of your appropriate foot. To leave, carefully bring your torso back up. Straighten your left leg and also repeat on the various other side.

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    Bridge Pose

    Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

    Lying back on the flooring, flex your knees as well as position your feet on the ground. Position your heels hip-width apart, straight under your knees. Make certain your feet are encountering straight forward. Press your hands into the floor as well as slowly lift your hips and also reduced back to the flooring to a comfy level, preferably to the height of your knees, as you root your feet down strongly into the ground. Keep in this present for 5 breaths or more. To find down, carefully reduced your hips down to the floor covering. Repeat 1-3 rounds.

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    Salamba Sarvangasana

    Lie on your back and also delicately raise your legs backwards into Halasana (Plow Posture), with your legs overhead. Bend your elbows and also bring your hands into your back with your palms facing up for support. Put your shoulderblades beneath you. Next, raise your upper hands on the floor and toward the ceiling. Aim your toes and also engage your legs and core. Once you raise your legs, maintain your stare up and neck directly. Raise via the spheres of the feet. Bring the hips toward the front of the room and also the feet toward the back to correct the alignment of the body, engaging your core and avoiding a bowed-out position. Breathe uniformly as well as deeply. Attempt to remain there for a minimum of 30 secs as well as develop to a couple of minutes. To exit the position, thoroughly bring your feet back over your head, going back to Halasana.

    FINISH YOUR SEQUENCE Invest 15 minutes or even more in Corpse Posture (Savasana).