Education to Become a Yoga Teacher

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The education needed to become a yoga teacher will rely on the design of yoga exercise you want to instruct. Teacher training programs range from two weeks to two years and can cost up to $10,000. Not all teacher trainings are accepted by the Yoga Partnership, a company that regulates training criteria, so you’ll need to determine if holding a Yoga Alliance-approved accreditation is needed for your teaching goals.


Some yoga studios provide intensive yoga exercise instructor training courses that enable you to become licensed within a brief time period. The extensive kind of trainings that are acknowledged by Yoga exercise Partnership are normally three weeks in length. Expenses can differ, relying on if you need to travel to the training website. Educational program is condensed into all-day lectures and practice, including an accreditation examination.


The Iyengar yoga technique needs pupils who want to become instructors to study closely under their instructor for a minimum of two years. A specialized individual practice of yoga exercise is also required. The examination process requires a written test, an in-depth exhibition of yoga poses and breathing exercises, and a test of your training skills. There are different levels of sophisticated accreditation that can be completed over the course of a number of years.


Retreat trainings are normally found in an ashram or hotel where you’ll stay for the whole duration. Hideaway trainings can last for 3 weeks or up to three months. Bikram yoga, also referred to as hot yoga exercise, trains instructors during nine weeks, requiring a demanding daily schedule of 3 hours of yoga practice and 8 or more hours of lectures.


Online yoga accreditations are relatively easy and low-cost. Aura Health Center provides a house research yoga teacher training package deal for under $1,000. Nevertheless, net based certifications aren’t acknowledged by Yoga Alliance.


Module teacher training requires completing several workshops or seminars over an extended time period until the educational program is complete and the test for certification is passed. Shiva Rea’s teacher trainings are done in the form of modules finished over several months or years. The majority of module training programs are acknowledged by Yoga exercise Alliance.