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Flexibility, strength and mindfulness are a few of the numerous benefits of yoga. The ease of a yoga position originates from aligning your activity with your breath, remaining in tune with your body and blending controlled effort with conscious surrender. Regardless of your physical fitness level and experience, you need to focus on preserving correct body alignment and using your breath to form each yoga posture.


Also called the mountain posture, tadasana is the foundation of all standing yoga positions. Begin with your feet together, if you’re pregnant or have back issues, allow your feet to be hip width apart. Uniformly distribute your weight on the balls and heels of both feet. Draw the tops of your thighbones back as you extend your tailbone toward your heels to produce a firm lift in your lower abdominals. Lift your breastbone as you draw your shoulder blades in and down.

Cat’s Breath

Begin on all fours with wrists under shoulders and knees under hips. Gently push your shins toward the floor. Exhale as you round the back by drawing your belly toward your spinal column. Inhale to softly arch your back as you extend your heart forward by drawing your shoulder blades deep into your upper back. Repeat for five to eight breaths.

Child’s Pose

Begin on all fours with wrists under shoulders and knees under hips. Bring your huge toes toward each other and your knees large apart. Stroll your hands 3 to 4 inches forward, keep your arms as straight as possible as you extend your hips to rest on your heels. Align your arms so that your hands are shoulder width apart. Press your palms and fingers securely into the floor as you widen your shoulder blades on your back. Draw your belly in softly to extend your hips toward the back wall to create length in the spinal column.

Warrior 2

Stand in tadasana and extend your arms out to the side, with your wrists in line with your shoulders and your palms dealing with the floor. Align your ankles under your wrists, flex your ideal knee then rotate your ideal leg perpendicular to the ideal side wall. Turn your left leg in about 30 degrees. Bend your ideal knee 90 degrees to align your knee over your ankle joint, aiming the best knee perpendicular to the ideal side wall. Press highly into your best heel to firm your right butts deeper into the hips. Press securely into the outer edge of the left foot to keep your left leg straight as the left thighbone draws toward the back wall. Equally reach your fingers toward the sidewalls as you draw your shoulder blades together. Gaze over your best fingertips. Take 5 deep breaths to keep the present, then straighten your ideal leg and bring your legs parallel to each other to repeat on the other side.