Easy Ways to Fix a Slippery Yoga Mat

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Yoga mats are made from several kinds of material nowadays, varying from a polyvinyl chloride ‘plastic,’ to natural rubber, naturally degradable bamboo and other materials. A typical trouble with a new yoga exercise mat is that’s it slippery, and as you perspire throughout a challenging course, it can be hard to keep your feet or palms from moving on the mat.

Wash with Apple Cider Vinegar

Wash your mat with a liquid soap such as Dr. Bronner’s soap, made from Castile soap, which washes clearly off the mat. After rinsing away the soap, use diluted apple cider vinegar as a 2nd ‘wash.’ Rinse that off and let your yoga mat dry naturally in open air. The soap can help get rid of some of the chemical finishes that can be put on yoga exercise mats. The vinegar will make the mat ‘tacky’ and less slick. Always wash your mat after every practice, even if you don’t sweat.

Top ‘Sticky’ Mat with Cotton Yoga Mat

Place a thin cotton yoga exercise mat on top of it. For example, in some yoga exercise classes, it prevails to use a ‘sticky’ mat and spray clean water on it and place a clean, dry cotton mat on top of it. It looks even more like a cotton ‘tapestry’ and will give you traction to exercise. Both the sticky mat and cotton mat need to be cleaned after each use.

Use a Reversible Yoga Mat with Non-Slippery Cotton Terry Side

Use a mat that’s double-sided: with one side that’s slick and the other that’s made from a cotton terry cloth. These kinds of mats can be purchased in specialty yoga supply stores or online. You can probably make your own by securing sewing a resilient cotton towel that’s huge enough to cover your yoga mat. The trick will be to avoid the cotton towel from shrinking or developing mildew. You might experiment and always wash your mat and hang it up to dry. You can spray diluted tea tree oil on the mat to get rid of bacteria. Tea tree oil is commonly readily available in health food shops and online.

Yoga Microfiber Towels for Traction

Use a yoga exercise towel that’s made to be utilized on top of the yoga mat for practice. These yoga towels can be on the expensive side as they’re made from ‘microfiber’ that’s thinner and more lightweight than a bath towel. They often dry very rapidly to lower danger of developing odor from microbacteria expanding on it. Like the cotton yoga exercise mat, the yoga towel is utilized to offer you traction. You’ll need to launder it and the sticky rubber mat after each use.