Yoga is credited with a multitude of health benefits: improved versatility, muscle toning, tension reduction and enhancing total physical and mental wellness. Yet does it promote weight management? According to current researches, if you choose a form of yoga that raises your heart rate enough to burn calories and practice it a few times a week, it can be an ally in fulfilling your weight reduction goals. Yoga must not, nevertheless, be its sole part.


Simply put, healthy weight-loss is accomplished when you burn more calories than you consume. According to the Weight-control Information Network, ‘if you want to reduce weight, you could need to do even more than 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week.’ Combining a few higher-intensity yoga sessions as part of your cardio plan in addition to running, walking, dancing or swimming for example, would be a helpful activity in achieving your weight management goals.


Although yoga can be an addition to your weight management strategies, if you’re brand-new to the practice or haven’t exercised in a while, beginning slowly until you understand how your body reacts will remove chances of injury, which might give a halt your fat burning goals. Yoga, like all forms of physical activity, has to be approached cautiously. Start with a couple of well rounded introductory courses and develop your ability from there.


Choose your yoga course to meet your goal as there are certain designs that’ll bring your heart rate up. Ashtanga, Flow yoga, Power yoga and Bikram/hot yoga, which is carried out in a heated space, incorporate streaming postures with rhythmic breathing that causes more of the calorie burn needed for weight-loss.

Satellite Yoga Activities

If you wish to add more of a vibe to your regular exercise routine, see what your yoga school’s curriculum for dance courses or wellness oriented group activities are. A number of schools are developing courses to expand yoga’s horizons. Not only can you find an encouraging network favorable to your objectives, but you can simultaneously enjoy some healthy activities.


Yoga has likewise been shown to produce an awareness and mindfulness to your activities that’ll substantially enhance your understanding of your body’s needs as you change into your brand-new healthy self. When deciding to drop weight, you must focus on why you’re opting for a healthier lifestyle and how you initially lost track. Beyond the physical advantages that feature your yoga practice, it can be type in keeping you on track and motivated.