Spending a lot of time sitting at your desk can cause pain and tension in your neck.

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Chronic neck pain is a common problem, especially for those who invest a great deal of time in front of computer systems. Stress adds stress in the neck muscles, contributing to the existing pain. Consistent neck issues can cause misalignment of the spine, eventually leading to spondylitis. Simple yoga exercises can be done to soothe this pain while you’re sitting at your desk in your office.

Neck Stretches

Sit at your desk with your spinal column put up and your shoulder blades totally relaxed. Inhale deeply and drop your chin to the chest while breathing out from the mouth. Turn your head slowly while you inhale and exhale deep breaths. Concentrate on your neck muscles and feel them contracting and stretching. Keep revolving your neck and then move it from front to back as well as delegated right. The ongoing deep breathing should help you unwind the tensed muscles around your neck.

Decompressing Your Neck

A bunch of individuals habitually tense their shoulders and neck muscles when they’re focusing hard. The stress keeps building and ultimately you may feel knots developing in the neck and shoulder area. When you’re at your desk, keep your neck directly and your shoulders down. You can train your body to preserve this posture by holding 2 heavy things in your hands and sit with your back straight at your desk. You can do this sitting at your desk during your break. You can use a filled canteen or huge yellow pages as weights.

Shoulder Stretches

Stretching your shoulders and relaxing the shoulder muscles can assist dissipate some tension from the neck muscles. These stretches are effective for those who’ve been sitting in the same position for an extended duration. Roll your shoulder as you exhale deeply and pull them backward, away from your ears. Stretch your left shoulder initially, then proceed to the 2nd shoulder before lastly stretching both shoulders together. Keep duplicating this with the day, particularly when you feel your back and neck muscles tensing.

Chair Twists

While sitting on your chair, bring your left thigh as close to the arm rest of your chair as possible. Now breathe in deeply and raise your right arms upward. Exhale and move your arm to the back of the chair. Exhale kind your mouth as you twist from your waist. You wouldn’t be in a total twist. Start to relax your muscles and inhale deeply. Exhale as you come back to your initial position. Repeat this twist on the various other side of your body as well.