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At times I’ve felt beat by life.

All I ever wanted was to be tranquil, happy, and free. I set about attaining it by deconstructing myself and my life and looking for spirituality to bring about peace and joy. With spirituality determined and practiced daily I awaited the instant result that failed to appear. It hadn’t been up until some years later that I realized I was attempting to cheat the system. I was trying to become enlightened to see the light. Sadly that’s not exactly how life works, you can not get the responses to life’s challenges ahead of time. The act of awaiting joy to be delighted, or happiness procrastination as I refer to it, can be paralyzing. If we’ve a prerequisite of a specific condition happening to assist in happiness then we will always be waiting rather than being pleased in the moment. If we trick ourselves into thinking that we’ve to comprehend the reasons why we are unhappy, the result will be getting stuck in that state of unhappiness. Rather, focus on forgiving the past without over intellectualizing it and bypass your method into the present.

What’s the best means to beat unhappiness?

Stop procrastinating by creating excuses to not be happy. This isn’t only self-defeating to you but does an injustice to the world, your family, and neighborhood at huge. Life is about learning from your trials, failures, and misjudgments, so do not lose any more time trying to resolve the mystery of unhappiness and simply stay in the now.

How, you ask? The primary step is to release all your feelings completely whether it be sadness, anger, love, happiness, or frustration. The even more you feel the less you fight against the feeling, which grows your capacity and capacity for happiness. Action second is to like yourself as you’re and without apology. Stop putting prerequisites on your self-love and approval and continuing the self-defeating discussion of, if just I could lose 10 pounds, get a new task, run a marathon, etc. Spiritual growth isn’t about self-improvement so don’t treat yourself as a home improvement project that’s never ever quite good enough or finished. Embody spiritual maturity as unconditional love toward the life you’re presently being offered.

I used to be a destination junky before I read Jon Kabat Zinn’s book Wherever You Go, There You Are. It woke me up to the truth that waiting to be delighted up until I was somewhere new and unique was never ever the right option. I still had myself and exactly how I felt about me to take care of no matter exactly how exotic the place or the distance from my office. I needed to face myself with truth and honesty and confess that I was hungry for love. Just as Mother Teresa stated, The appetite for love is much more tough to get rid of than the appetite for bread.” I felt that hunger.

The cravings can not be quenched by product things, other people enjoying you, or going to exotic places-it’s to be an internal shift of self-recognition that moves you to self-acceptance. As soon as that shift took place for me and I began loving myself I was not starving any longer. That was the first day I made the commitment to my own healing. I ask you, how strong is your desire to live a healing way of life? Just you can make the selection to choose love and happiness each and every moment of every day.

From my heart to yours I want the practice of yoga saves your life today as it does mine daily. I want you to like yourself even more and in turn feel exactly how liked you’re by the universe herself. As Sutra 11.42 reads, “When at peace and material with oneself and others, santosha, supreme happiness is celebrated.” You hold the trick to your very own joy. The concern is, do you’ve the nerve to make the effort today without delay to defeat unhappiness? You’re everything and you’ve all you’ve to be delighted so don’t squander an additional moment procrastinating.

Love yourself, like your day, enjoy your life! -Silvia