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Sun Salutations are a yogi favored, and forever reason! Yet if you find on your own going back to your reliable sequence time as well as time once more, your technique could begin to feel a little stagnant and also unimaginative. There’s more compared to one way to praise the sunlight! Try this version from Kundalini teacher Joan Shivarpita Harrigan, director of Patanjali Kundalini Yoga exercise Care U.S.A in Knoxville, Tennessee, to feel reinvigorated and also recently inspired on your mat!

(Mountain Pose), variation
Begin standing high and also grounded, absorbing the power of the earth as well as concentrating on that with your palms with each other at your heart.

Urdhva Hastasana
(Upward Salute)

Open your hands, keeping thumbs together, as well as reach up as well as back. Bring your arms alongside ears, bow back, and also search for, obtaining the grace of the divine via your heart chakra.

(Standing Forward Bend)

Bow onward, bending your knees if needed, and put your hands beside your feet.

(Low Lunge), variation

Step back right into a Reduced Lunge, losing your back knee to the flooring. Arc your back and also look up.

Astanga Pranam
(Knees-Chest-Chin Pose)

Step back with your front leg and also bring your breast down. You’re prostrating yourself to the earth completely pranams, sharing the unity of our planet physical body with our living planet.

(Crocodile Pose)

Lie level on the mat, place your forehead on the floor, expand your legs, as well as direct your toes.

(Cobra Pose)

Raise your direct and seek out, lifting your back off the ground vertebra by vertebra, getting the radiant light of the sun.

Adho Mukha Svanasana
(Downward-Facing Dog Pose)

Bow forward in another method by relocating into Downward-Facing Dog.

Low Lunge, variation
Step forward right into Low Lunge with the contrary leg. Look up in aspiration to the heavens. You’re allowing the reduced chakras to be close to the planet while the upper chakras all at once aim towards the heavens.

Standing Forward Bend
Bring your back foot to fulfill your front foot, putting your hands beside your feet, bending knees if necessary.

Upward Salute
Reach up as if tracing the within of a bubble that’s above your head. Bow back as well as seek out with arms beside ears in a complete standing salute.

Mountain Pose, variation
Move right into namaste with prayerful hands at your heart. Sit here for a few short breaths, really feeling the results. Repeat on the various other side.

See Day 10: Take 10 to rest and also reflect