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Ah, the dreadful ego. It gets a bum rap, however your ego could in fact be the secret to joy– if you recognize just how to deal with it. Attempt this simple on the concern “That am I?” from Sally Kempton, that educates reflection and also spiritual knowledge workshops around the globe. Use this method to help you look past your ego’s definition of you and also discover exactly what exists beneath.

5-Step “Who Am I?” Meditation

1. Settle into your body.

Come into a comfortable, sittinged pose, with your eyes shut, and also your hands folded up in your lap. Extend your back, as well as let your chin return so you really feel as if your head is being suspended by a cable from the ceiling. Check your physical body, seeing and relaxing any sort of tightness in the shoulders, face, thighs, belly, arms, as well as hands. Take 5 deep breathings and exhalations.

2. Focus on your breath.

Become knowledgeable about the surge and fall of the breath. Allow your breathing be natural and also unwinded as it brings you right into the there moment. Feel the coolness of the breath as it streams in the nostrils and also the heat as it drains. Notification where you really feel the breath in your physical body. Do you feel it in the chest as well as shoulders? In the diaphragm or belly?

3. Quiet the mind.

Sensing the flow of the breath, breathe in with the idea “I am.” Really feel the power of the words joining your breath, flowing right into your inner physical body. With the exhalation, really feel the room that these words leave in your awareness. Continue to repeat the pure mantra “I am” without affixing any sort of various other thoughts to it. Remain right here for numerous minutes if you can, allowing on your own to come to be a growing number of relaxed.

4. Practice inquiry.

As your mind quiets, start to drop in the concern, “Which am I, without words? Without thoughts? Without memories or emotions?” Pay attention to the recognition that launches. If words or emotions emerge, enable them to be there. Determine them–“ideas,” “sadness,” or “confusion”– and also go back to the concern. You’re not searching for a response. Look past the solutions that occur to experience the bare awareness that is your feeling of being, of pure existence.

5. Rest in awareness.

This feeling of pure presence is there, and as you practice this meditation, it will ultimately expose itself. Proceed your questions, and also see if you can gently sit for a second or more in the wordless recognition that immediately adheres to the question. The position right into understanding might only last for a few secs. If you get disconnected on your thoughts, start over: Return to the breath, and also the rule “I am.” Ask the question once again, as well as observe what arises. Stick with the technique for as few as 5 minutes or as many as 20 mins. After that open your eyes, as well as return to your day.