Army expert, motivational sound speaker, yoga teacher, and double-amputee Dan Nevins shares his go-to, must-practice postures for remaining grounded, focused, and connected to his body.

When you call Dan Nevins on the phone and ask him, “Just how are you?” He addresses, “I’m living the dream!” Nevins is a yoga exercise teacher and also inspirational speaker, that likewise became a double-amputee 11 years ago after an IED exploded under his Army car while he was serving in Iraq.

In June 2015 at Yoga Journal LIVE! San Diego professional photographer Robert Sturman took a effective picture of Nevins in Warrior II ( above) with his prosthetic legs, which has actually come to be legendary. While he spokens the photo is cool, he also directs out that it’s not accurate. “I don’t do yoga exercise with my legs on,” he spokens. After the surge, which also triggered a distressing brain injury, Nevins did amazing things like climb Mount Kilimanjaro. After his 36th surgical treatment, he slipped into a deep funk. While in recuperation, he was bedridden as well as not enabled to do anything bodily. “I couldn’t lead my team at the office. I couldn’t ride my bike. I could not play golf. Every other weekend break, I couldn’t even care for my after that 3-year-old daughter.” That was when he recognized just how deeply stuck as well as depressed his fellow veterans could become. He knew he needed assistance but was afraid to ask. A friend urged he try reflection as well as after that chatted him into 3 personal yoga exercise classes.

” I attempted yoga with my legs on, and it was unpleasant. It was pathetic,” Nevins says. “She would certainly inform me to get solid on my foundation, however with prosthetics, it doesn’t function the exact same.” During the 2nd private session, he asked if he could do yoga exercise with his legs off. “No person ever before obtained to see me with my legs off. They were my preferred component of my body, and also they were gone. If I was going to feel my structure in yoga, I had to take them off.” He went to the floor covering, revealing his instructor his true self, and did a Warrior I. “I’m on my base, which is my knees. I’m rooting down and rising. I’m stable and not tumbling around everywhere. I literally, psychologically as well as vigorously connected my foundation to the earth with exactly what was left of my legs. This massive rise of energy shot with my body into the ground. Something lit me up. Light was exploding from my fingertips.” He states that was a transformative encounter on his mat and in his life.

Yoga was a conserving grace for Nevins throughout his recovery and past. So he made a decision to research up to Degree 3 with Baron Baptiste as well as then shows throughout the world. He just taught for the Africa Yoga Job, is going to Qatar in June to show at the Al Udied Air Pressure Base, and also is leading an approaching resort in Mexico. His timetable is packed– when traveling 200 days a year. Home technique is critical to him. “Home method deals with every one of our justifications that we do not have the time, space or money to exercise yoga exercise,” he spokens. “You just need your body.” He suggests dedicating an area to your practice as well as committing to a few mins a day. “Exactly what’s wonderful regarding house practice is that you have a chance to be in actual personal discovery of on your own. If you require extra time or support to obtain right into a posture, you can do it. Presents could take a few mins to identify. Exactly what you are offering on your own is alternatives. Show up for on your own on your mat. Have the mindset of being in exploration.”

Here, Nevins shares his go-to presents for staying grounded, focused, as well as linked to his body.

Dan Nevins’s Leading 10 Yoga exercise Poses

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    Child’s Pose


    ” I always start in Kid’s Pose,” Nevins says. “I use it to establish my intent every single time I exercise. Immediately, this posture is my hint to start developing my inner fire and also really land in my body. It aids me obtain out of my head as well as right into my body.”


    Try this posture at the start of your practice to center on your own as well as bring your awareness into your body. Take 5 deep breaths.

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    Sun Salutation A

    Surya Namaskar A

    ” In this series of 11 postures, it’s extremely important for me, from the very start, to link my activity with my breath,” Nevins claims. “Each breath obtains a pose. This helps you set the rate and also tone of that day’s method.”


    Try this circulation at the start of your method to link with your breath as well as set the rate for your practice.

  • yoga bikram

    Sun Salutation B

    Surya Namaskar B

    ” In this series of a number of presents, you begin to develop fire and also warmth,” Nevins spokens. “These have to do with stiring up the body. It’s a full integration. And also, to me, the commitment to Sun Salutations An as well as B are physical manifestations of honoring the traditions and also ancient beginnings of yoga.”


    Nevins recommends exercising Sunlight Salute B following Sun Salute A to proceed linking motion with breath, which helps you avoid of your head and also in your body.

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    Crescent Lunge Twist

    Parivrtta Anjaneyasana

    ” Crescent Lunge, adding the spin, is one of the most powerful posture in my home method,” Nevins says. “It’s solid and also anatomically good for your body. It’s vital to show the aware of be square. When you add the spin, you produce an equilibrium of suppleness as well as ease, which is called sukha. Your lower body is unfailing. You’re hugged in skin to muscular tissue to bone. The spin massage therapies your internal body organs.”


    Use this present after you’ve warmed up the body in sunlight salutations, taking 5 breaths on each side.

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    Tree Pose


    ” It’s constantly crucial to include a balancing position to a house technique,” Nevins spokens. “What we look for in our entire lives is balance. It’s a suggestion that equilibrium is not simply for my yoga mat. It’s for every little thing in my life. Tree is regarding equanimity. It has to do with locating peace and equilibrium in the position and also in life.”


    Try Tree Pose after a solid, tough standing posture like Revolved Crescent Lunge to recenter yourself.

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    Triangle Pose


    ” Triangle is a chance to start to produce openings,” Nevins states. “You create a link grounding down, so you could develop a great deal of space in the front body. It’s concerning being grounded with the tip of opening.”


    Add this extensive standing position to the middle of your sequence for grounding as well as opening.

  • yoga asana



    ” This pose offers you a full-on open heart, Nevins states. “Your inner fire will certainly be stoked as high as it’s getting. This has to do with igniting your heart and your fire.”


    Use Camel as the orgasm of your series to open up the whole body literally and also energetically.

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    Boat Pose


    ” We have to have stability due to the fact that everything we do as humans for the performance of our bodies begins with our core,” Nevins says. “With a solid, secure core, all motion becomes easier and much less labored. From grabbing a bag of grocery stores to doing a Tree Posture, we’re better at all of it with a strong core.”


    Add this important core-strengthening pose to your technique at the beginning to wake up your core or at the end for a final shot of strength.

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    Frog Pose


    ” I do Frog due to the fact that it’s uncomfortable, and life is awkward,” Nevins says. “Your home method must be a representation of life. It should not be sterilized. In frog, you produce an opening. This is the first live in the sequence that you surrender. It’s an active surrender. It’s an opportunity to launch prana, or power, stored in our hips. We could assume we’re unsatisfactory or otherwise worthy. When we open up the door to launch those points, we’re not keeping them any longer vigorously.”


    Use this pose toward the end of your method to let go energetically as you open your hips, internal upper legs, as well as groins. We’re relieving our joints with care as well as empathy by offering them a possibility to launch and also open up.

  • yoga pose

    Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

    Viparita Karani

    ” Encounter release,” Nevins spokens. “Legs-Up-the-Wall launches residual tension as well as starts to invigorate your body. Surrender control of your breath. Surrender to everything you just did. It’s that break you had to have from ideas, anxiety, regret or whatever it is that’s on your mind. It’s the moment you let your body take over. Allow what you just discovered in fact sink in.”


    Use this impersonate your final relaxation or as a passive inversion prior to Savasana to provide your body an opportunity to launch as well as rejuvenate.