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According to a CNN released report, Dahn yoga is a Korean kind of yoga started in 1985 by IIchi Lee, an Oriental entrepreneur. The practice concerned the United States in 1991 and now has its headquarters near Sedona, Arizona. Dahn yoga teachings place equal value on the physical, spiritual and emotional health of the practitioner, looking for to enhance and improve the body’s well-being through brain wave vibration. This is done through a series of workouts designed to rechannel the energy in the body into a more balanced state. A research study reported in the ‘Journal of General Internal Medication’ discovered that participants of Dahn yoga had less depression, moderate enhancements in life-quality and less anxiety.

Energy Accumulation Postures

Many Dahn yoga exercises center around postures that are designed to generate energy. The postures are made to press out old, stagnate energy and change it with brand-new, fresh energy. With energy build-up postures, energy gets in the body through acupuncture pressure points in the palms of the hands, balls of the feet, lower back, lower abdomen and top of the head. One posture to gather energy is a breathing posture. To perform this workout, put down with your back flat against the floor and knees bent. Your fingers ought to then be put on the lower abdominal areas. In this unwinded position, breathe deeply and naturally.

Sleeping Tiger Posture

The sleeping tiger posture assists to gather energy and to boost the lower abdominal areas. In this posture, lie down easily on the floor or a mat. The palms of the hands should be turned up and at your sides. Stay in this position for a couple of minutes, centering yourself by understanding your body and ending up being cautious of your breathing rhythm. As soon as the mind and body are fully focused, raise your feet and hands. The legs and ankles ought to be bent to a 90 degree angle, the elbows must be bent and the palms up. This position must be held for 5 minutes.

Toe Tapping Exercise

The toe tapping workout is created to relax the mind and help the body sleep. This is done by drawing the heat from the top of the body and moving it to the lower body. Begin this position by lying down with your heels together, hands put on the lower abdomen. Then move your feet like windscreen wipers. When the feet come together, your toes must tap each other. The faster the toes are tapped, the greater sense of leisure is attained. This workout needs to be done to a count of 100.