Criteria for Yoga Instructor Certification

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It doesn’t take any special competence to become a yoga exercise teacher, in the United States, there’s no official licensing authority for yoga teachers. Nevertheless, many studios and gym require trainers to finish a yoga exercise teacher training program. The Division of Labor advises the training programs established by an organization called Yoga Partnership.

Training Types

There are two kinds of Yoga Partnership certifications: the 200-hour, or Level I, and 500-hour, or Level II accreditation. If you enjoy working at a particular yoga studio or fitness center, consult its recruitment about which training it chooses, some might need the 500-hour training to obtain worked with or as part of continuing education efforts. The term RYT, for registered yoga instructor, is made use of to mark teachers who’ve actually completed Yoga exercise Alliance-compliant training programs.


Both the 200-hour and 500-hour certification programs consist of a certain variety of hours in different educational areas. Hours are divided into contact and non-contact groups. Contact hours occur in a devoted teacher-training environment with a teacher, the majority of hours in the training program are contact hours. Of these, you need to complete a particular variety of hours in the particular categories of methods, teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology, and yoga exercise approach and ethics. Non-contact hours might consist of reading or outside media, written assignments, group activities and yoga exercise class observations.


The Yoga Alliance website offers a directory site of schools that conduct teacher-training programs. These schools carry the designation RYS, or signed up yoga exercise school. Just certified RYSs can offer training that’s assured to be certified with Yoga Alliance standards, and a lot of contact hours for instructors in training should be offered by skilled signed up yoga exercise teachers, or E-RYTs.


If you want to specialize in a certain type of yoga, such as vinyasa, bikram or ashtanga, you can use your elective or noncontact hours to obtain additional training in your location of interest. You might likewise wish to train with a school that employs teachers who’re knowledgeable in that location. Special designations exist for schools offering training for children’s or prenatal yoga, ask your school if it’s a licensed children’s yoga exercise school or signed up prenatal yoga exercise school.