Cramping of the Hands With Bikram Yoga

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Named after its founder, Bikram Choudhury, Bikram yoga exercise is exercised in a room heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit with the intent of promoting sweating and enhancing adaptability. The enhanced heat can help relax your muscles, however it also increases the capacity for dehydration, potentially causing cramps. Oftentimes, adjusting your diet plan or fluid consumption can help avoid your hand from crowdeding, nevertheless, if the problem persists despite taking precautions, consult a doctor.

Hand Cramps

Cramps are the outcome of an involuntary contraction in your muscles. They occur most generally in the calf and thigh, but can occur in any muscle. Most cramps do not last long, but severe cramps can last for hours and are commonly unpleasant. Hand cramps might be accompanied by various other symptoms, relying on the underlying cause. Possible symptoms consist of numbness, a burning or tingling sensation, joint pain, swelling, twitching and stiffness. You might likewise have problem moving your fingers or wrist.


A selection of conditions can bring about hand cramps, but when it comes to Bikram yoga, dehydration is a likely cause. The enhanced temperature levels cause sweating, which not just drains fluids however likewise crucial electrolytes – minerals responsible for muscle contraction. Added sources like stress and anxiety, nerve damage, medicines, overuse, pregnancy and muscle fatigue. Certain persistent conditions, such as diabetes and thyroid conditions, can also cause hand cramping.


Drink a lot of water prior to and after engaging in Bikram yoga exercise, and ensure you get enough minerals in your diet, including potassium, magnesium, calcium and magnesium. Stretching your hands prior to and after task could also help prevent cramping. Spending less time exercising can likewise help, specifically if you’re exercising numerous days a week for an extended period. Talk to your yoga trainer to ensure you’re utilizing the appropriate form throughout the positions, improper kind might cause tiredness in your hands, resulting in cramps.


If taking preventive measures doesn’t remove your hand cramps, or if you begin to experience them beyond yoga, get in touch with a doctor. Speak with her about any medications you’re requiring to ensure that the hand cramps aren’t a negative effects. Tell your physician about any signs that you’re having in addition to hand cramps – such as tiredness, numbness or cramping in various other parts of your body – as they could be a sign of a more major condition.