Closed Cell Vs. Open Cell Yoga Mat

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Your preference for a shut cell yoga mat or an open cell will depend greatly on the kind of yoga you exercise, your feelings on hygiene and just how long you need it to last. Whether you’re trying to find green natural rubber or even PVC, you’ve numerous options between open cell or closed.

The Differences

The words ‘open’ and ‘closed’ refer specifically to how tight the weave of the product. An open cell mat is a typical sticky mat, which you can find at your closest store. Open cell mats are pliable, offer traction and soak up dampness since they’re permeable like sponges. A shut cell mat is smoother in appearance, has less traction and resists hydration because the material is woven together tightly. Your personal yoga practice will determine your choice.

Yoga and Your Mat

Open cell mats are suitable for almost any yoga class. Whether you’re flowing through a Vinyasa course or steaming through Bikram, you’ll discover convenience and stability on an open cell mat. It easily soaks up sweat and provides your hands and feet an exceptional grip. Shut cell mats benefit all designs of yoga except Bikram and other high temperature varieties, as sweat will stay on the surface and your palms and feet may wind up moving in all directions.


An open cell mat could be the most functional, but it also is vulnerable to germs since of its porous construction. After a week’s worth of hot yoga courses and little cleaning, you might find your open cell mat relatively odorous. If you want to prevent replacing it frequently, you’ll need to give it a deep cleaning. Closed cell mats couldn’t be as trustworthy when you’re perspiring, but they’re really simple to clean with a simple surface wipe.


An open cell yoga mat won’t last long against a shut cell yoga mat. The bits of an open cell mat are farther apart, whereas the shut cell is compact. This makes the latter selection resistant not only to water, however likewise to the wear and tear of your yoga practice. Attempt both open cell and closed cell mats to identify which is finest for you.