Last month I covered five reasons why one must make use of Chi Kung. One of these key factors was to stimulate your body immune system. The Chinese researchers have done many clinical studies in hopes to show and discover how Chi Kung accomplishes this. These research studies conclusively proved that practicing this art helps to build an extremely strong defense system called your immune system. These studies were inconclusive in identifying the shipment system from a clinical and quantifiable viewpoint. Through the years the master have presented exactly what they believe is at work to assist develop maximum wellness.

immune system

So let me take you with the trip I’ve been taught by the Masters of this art. We initially need to plainly understand that our bodies have two systems, among which is physical and the other element is energetic. Although we might appear solid we’re comprised of countless cells held together by the movement of atoms and their relevant energy. One might compare this to a radio receiver. Up until electromagnetic radiation (energy) is available in contact with the radio it cannot make any sound. For the starting our creator made us in such a means that everything worked great and we were in a state of perfect health. We were likewise given an immune system to safeguard us, preventing disruptions and condition from taking a grip. But like any fine tuned device different aspects began to weaken this state.

The old Chinese Masters found energy work that was effective in recovering this balance. In time they called this Chi Kung which literally implies energy work. The method was exceptionally easy. One take in through the nose collect in universal chi then breathes out with the mouth sending this chi where needed. The results are bring back all the chakras and meridians back to point of homeostasis when the body is once again efficient and balanced. It’s believed that when your energetic and physical systems are in this state there’s no injury or illness that can not be dominated. It simply just works as it was meant.

I personally strongly think in this reasoning. I was a very sickly guy 15 years earlier. I’d asthma, chronic episodes of colds, flu bugs and pneumonia and typically unhealthy, being grossly overweight. Within a year of seriously studying Chi Kung, I was rarely ill and began feeling healthier. Even my family physician can not help but believe that there’s some compound to this belief. I was asked to assist my ex better half when she contracted flesh eating disease. She lost quite a bit of flesh on her leg and the physicians told her it would at least six months prior to the leg recovered enough to have a skin graft. With several Chi Kung sessions she’d baffled the doctors when she was ready in just two.

We stay in times surrounded by condition and toxins that compromise our immune system. We hear frequently that we only utilize ten percent of our brain. Perhaps we just use this part of our body immune system as well. It’s believed that we can treat anything within us if we use this source. May I suggest that Chi Kung is the secret to opening this up. We’ve a greatly strained wellness system that’s significantly taxed to the limitation attempting to eliminate illness instead of preventing them. We put millions and countless dollars into a treatment for cancer and AIDS when a way to prevent this all might be at our finger suggestions. The basic yet powerful art of Chi Kung is the miracle remedy we look for to make our lives entire once again. We need to listen to the inner callings of our bodies and welcome it.