Chi cong, likewise spelled chi gong and even chi quong, is a type of meditation and workout with the exact same roots as kung fu, tai chi and wing chun, says martial arts chronicler Dave Coffman. The ‘chi’ in chi cong refers to life energy, a concept with breathing at its center. The breathing workouts of chi cong are intended to direct the flow of life energy. Whether you think in chi as a supernatural force, or simply a reflection of the significance of breathing, chi cong breathing exercises can assist you unwind, enhance focus and alleviate anxiety.

Basic Breathing

Stand with your spine put up however not locked in place. Keep your head up and eyes forward. This will certainly extend your upper body to allow deeper breathing. Inhale deeply, filling your upper body from bottom to top. Exhale entirely, clearing your upper body from leading to bottom. This workout is occasionally called ‘filling the vessel,’ because the flow of air appears like water being poured into and out of a pitcher.

Sectional Breathing

Breathe in deeply, filling only the lower 3rd of your upper body. Exhale slowly and totally. Inhale again, this time filling the center third of your torso. Exhale gradually and entirely. For your 3rd breath, fill only the upper third of your upper body. Run through this cycle three or 4 times. Sectional breathing assists build your awareness of the course of air with your system and to begin constructing control over your automatic body responses.

Directed Breathing

Perform the basic breathing workout. As you inhale, picture the air filling your left leg rather than your lungs. As you exhale, visualize the air leaving your leg. Development with your best leg, hips, abdominal areas, best chest, left chest, ideal arm, left arm, neck and shoulders, then your head. This exercise is meant to improve your control of energy adjustment, and to build much better awareness of different parts of your body.

Awakening the Chi

Stand naturally dealing with forward. As you breathe in, extend your spinal column and lift yourself up onto the balls of your feet. Move your hands, palms up, up until they’re level with your chest. Hold your breath and the position for a minute. As you exhale, relax your spinal column and lower yourself to your heels. Turn your hands palms down and decrease them to hip level. This workout helps to wake up the body, making it an exceptional heat up or first posture of a prolonged sequence.