Chair yoga increases core strength while supporting your back.

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Yoga is a kind of workout that focuses on the mind and body with deep breathing, positions and reflection. Carrying out yoga postures helps to enhance your posture, strengthen the muscles in your core and alleviate stress. Yoga incorporates physical and mental disciplines to accomplish serenity of body and mind to assist you unwind and manage anxiety and stress, according to Yoga has lots of kinds and intensity levels. Chair yoga offers the advantages of even more typical styles, while offering the support of a chair.

Step 1

Perform shoulder rolls to relive tension in the neck and back. Sit straight up with your arms at your sides and feet flat on the floor. Take a deep breath in and raise your shoulders up to your ears. Press your shoulder cutters together while raising your chest. Exhale and relax your shoulders back down, returning to the starting position. Repeat 6 times.

Step 2

Execute sun pose to improve flow. Relax in the chair with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms at your sides. Inhale and slowly sweep your arms up over your head. Exhale and bend forward between your legs while your arms hang. Make an attempt to place your hands on the floor. Inhale and raise your arms overhead and return to the starting position. Repeat three times.

Step 3

Do leg lifts to increase flow in your legs and feet. Sit straight up with your hands at your sides, holding the chair. Take a deep breath in and breathe out while raising your right leg. Keep your foot bent. Hold this position for one moment and inhale while decreasing the leg. Repeat the movement 6 times on each side.

Step 4

Perform side stretches to stretch your spine and strengthen your core. Sit with your feet shoulder-width apart. Inhale and raise your arms directly out to the sides. Exhale while flexing towards your right side, reaching your right hand to the floor and left hand towards the sky. Inhale and go back to the starting position. Repeat 6 times on each side.