Certification for Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

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Prenatal and postnatal yoga exercise instructors are experts who’ve the knowledge to instruct their clients trough all 3 trimesters of maternity and during the postnatal period. You can get accredited either by attending workshops or by taking an online course and assessment. Although most prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor training courses are for individuals who already are certified yoga exercise teachers, there are courses readily available for people without previous physical fitness certifications.

Aura Wellness Center

Aura Health Center provides a prenatal and postnatal yoga exercise teacher course. This is a 100-hour home-study course that instructs breathing methods and classic yoga exercise postures that are modified for each trimester of maternity. You’ll also learn relaxation and yoga methods for mom and kid prior to and after birth. A requirement for taking this course is a minimum of 200-hour yoga exercise instructor certification or comparable efficiency. The cost for the course is $497 and it likes 3 textbooks, DVDs and the accreditation examination. There’s a link to the Aura Health site in the Resources area.

American Fitness Professionals and Associates

American Fitness Professionals and Associates, the AFPA, provides a prenatal and postnatal exercise professional accreditation course. The course will give fitness specialists advanced skills and knowledge to teach prenatal and postnatal clients. The course covers topics such as pre- and postnatal yoga exercise, aerobic and resistance training, fetal feedbacks to exercise and vitamins and mineral requirements. The training is done online and consists of 3 textbooks, four DVDs, accreditation assessment, AFPA membership and toll-free support. You don’t require a previous fitness certification to take the course. The course fee is $395 and you’ve six months to finish the program. Find out even more by seeing the AFPA site using the link in the Resources area.


YogaFit offers prenatal yoga teacher program workshops. The prenatal yoga training will instruct methods to ease general pains and discomforts, early morning sickness, along with ways to ease the labor processes. You’ll likewise find out to teach new mothers postnatal poses that help in natural recovery of their body. You need to attend a workshop to get certified. Workshops are held throughout the country and you can discover the times and areas by going to the yogafit website using the link in the Resources section.

Mamaste Yoga

Mamaste Yoga provides a prenatal yoga exercise instructor certificate for registered yoga exercise teachers who’ve actually finished or are registered in a 200-hour yoga exercise teacher training program. The program is a home-study course that’s absorbed four modules within a 12 month period. You’ll likewise receive individualized contact with a coach throughout the program by phone and e-mail. The course is roughly 60 hours and costs $700. In addition, you’ve to purchase books and videos individually. For more information, see the Mamaste Yoga exercise website using the link in the Resources section.