Bikram yoga, otherwise referred to as hot yoga, is one of the lots of types of yoga provided for yoga enthusiasts worldwide. There are lots of wellness benefits to the routine practice of yoga, from numerous physiological advantages to psychological benefits, as well. Bikram yoga varies from many other yoga practices in its practice environment, but how much distinction can its heated environment make on general weight loss?

Defining Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is exercised in a heated room at a temperature of around 105 degrees Fahrenheit and 40 percent humidity. Bikram yoga comprises a sequence of 26 presents that are each carried out twice during a single session and held for time. These yoga postures are intensified by the heated room and the quantity of time they’re held. Along with the poses, Bikram yoga, like numerous other types of yoga, concentrates on breathing workouts, or pranayamas.


Along with the physical and psychological advantages linked to yoga in general, Bikram yoga professionals say that Bikram advantages go further. Bikram fanatics point out that the heat involved in Bikram yoga helps to relax the muscles, thus permitting deeper and more efficient stretching. It, detoxifies the body, enhances the immune system by increasing the body’s core temperature, enhances the heart rate and thins the blood for a much better cardio exercise. And, it enhances strength by reorganizing muscle tissue, according to a short article posted on the Trusty Guides internet site.


While the advantages to Bikram yoga are alluring, anybody wanting to exercise this form of yoga must understand the threats. The temperatures used in Bikram yoga cause people to sweat, in some cases profusely, this can cause unwanted results such as: dehydration, nausea, dizziness, muscle weak point and cramping. Due to the temperature intensity of Bikram, pregnant women, individuals with hypertension, and those with respiratory troubles are recommended against practicing Bikram.

Weight Loss and Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is an efficient means to enhance and tone muscles while enhancing flexibility and stamina. Nevertheless, Bikram yoga doesn’t provide any unique advantages over other types of yoga for weight loss. The 105-degree temperature level and 40 percent humidity trigger the body to launch a copious quantity of sweat. It’s in the water loss that leads numerous Bikram buffs to misinterpret water loss as weight management. As quickly as the water is replaced in the body, the weight will certainly return.

Bikram Yoga as Part of a Fat burning Plan

There isn’t nearly enough proof to suggest that Bikram yoga is the sole response to weight loss, but as part of a weight loss strategy, Bikram yoga can be very efficient. The key to exercise is regularity and frequency. Bikram yoga would need to be exercised at least three times a week to produce any weight-loss. In addition to regular practice and a healthy diet, Bikram yoga can facilitate weight loss.